I Used To Be Normal...Before I Found Out I Have Wings(Not Edited Yet)

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Raven By YinYangCrescent Updated 4 years ago
Our story here starts out with a normal life. Ha, I was kidding. No one ever has a normal life. She wasn't ordinary but she of course didn't know that...yet. Her name holds her secret. Tsuki Tenshi, is the moon angel. The angel of the moon. It's a secret to everyone, even herself. When she moves to a new town and her secrets stir whats to happen? Tsuki meets new and old faces, She finds herself falling for more then just one guy. Who will she choose? Who will win this precious angel's heart? Hidden secrets become revealed, a fight between the light & dark, and a love rivalry. I used to be normal...before I sound out I have wings.
    (Being edited! So many things in this story will change. So heads up on that, thanks ^^)
Awesome!! Loved it, gona read the rest later, voted, and btw i love the cover :)
You r an amazing writer , this deserves more reads that it already has . I love how it's not the usual , vampire or warewolf love story or even a High school geek and popular falling in love … I mean you my friend are a genius !!!!
I like the names, I've just got a fish I'm gonna call it Tsuki :), oh dear... I'm such a geek :) But your creativity is amazingly good, it's what makes you stand out :D
that was really good i kind of got confused with the definitions of the names but it was relle good
@YinYangCrescent Thanks, I'm still reading this story though but its really good so far.
The names are like really unique like Japanese names sort of.