Light In The Darkness (Hiatus)

Light In The Darkness (Hiatus)

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OnJongMinKeyTaem By OnJongMinKeyTaem Updated Jan 18, 2011

War. The three letter word that bought on so much agony, voilence and division. Julian himself has been a victim of this. The banished prince lost his best friend, the only person who truly understood his ideals. And now he has a promise to fufil. Protecting his best firend's daughter Karina.
Karina is a very opinionated young chit, and not one who is willingly saved. And strangley Julian likes everything about her.

Julian seemed to prance into her life out of nowehere and demanded they be wed. Just who was he anyway? He was handsome but he had something peculiar about him something that didn't seem normal. But along with his air of narcissim was something dark something he was hiding from her.

Swept into danger the two race deep into the dark world of the vampires and secrets are unfolded and romance sparks. Will Julian and Karina be able to recognize this before the war kills them both? Find out in Light In The Darkness

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AnotherNonsense AnotherNonsense Aug 22, 2010
god i love the name Julian! I'm going to read now..
                              i think this will have tons of irony huh? well go for the next chap...
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Awhh! I feel...warmed...very touched by your story! Your an amazing writer.
OnJongMinKeyTaem OnJongMinKeyTaem Aug 13, 2010
lol sorry i ahve a hard time writing short summaries haha and ill fan you right now and thanks girl!!:))
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Lol what a long summary! Hey could you fan me? I'll fan you only if you fan me so right when I see you fan me I will fan you! Deal? BTW good story so far!
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@xxcrimsonxshellxx yay! thanks:) i fanned you the same time you fanned me lol
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@ebbsEbonee thank you soo much:) i hope you will read my new uploaded chapter:))