Something Gotta Give (BWWM 1/2)

Something Gotta Give (BWWM 1/2)

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Ms.Ezra Miller😘 By SuagarCakes Completed

My first book, not the best, read at your own risk.

"Jake please-"

"Vivian!" He shouts.

"I'm f*vking done having this conversation!" I had never seen him like this.

"You know what? I never asked for you to barge into my life you a**hole!" I'm shouting now.

"Get the f-ck out of my house." He's hesitant.

"Viv." His voice is low. "I--"

"Just get out, please!" I utter.

"Just leave." I run up the stairs away from him. From the guy I was in love with. I heard glass crackle in the distant and then the door slam.
Vivian Knight is bored. She's been looking for that right guy for a while. But when Vivian starts to have feelings for someone.Someone else comes and ruins everything.

Friendships are broken.

Jakob Matthews didn't know he would fall for the brown beauty he encountered on a plane. He didn't know that he would fall for anyone or that his world would turned upside down, either.

Relationships are tested.

But out of all things,she knows one; that eventually something's gotta give.

  • anger
  • bwwm
  • confusion
  • friendship
  • honesty
  • hurt
  • interracial
  • interracialromance
  • love
  • palmer
  • sulkin
  • trust
  • wmbw
Hockfockbotchlickker Hockfockbotchlickker Mar 26, 2017
I couldn't do that i have violent dreams and i wake up at times like this 4am
Well.....that's harsh...n just becuz of man business......and ur not even dateing him??
JU14NITA JU14NITA Dec 28, 2016
its not even that deep u should never let a nigga get in btwn u and ur friends if they rlly meant something to u
kikgigs kikgigs Jul 14, 2016
A kiss really yeah I know you'll feel hurt but come on not even worth your friendship😟
HeartAcheForeva HeartAcheForeva May 18, 2015
awesome sauce!  
                              I really liked you're story it was the best that I ever read since I have been on watt pad.  But to give you  something don't let jess and Viv come back together.   Great story 
SuagarCakes SuagarCakes Dec 22, 2014
@ash_sam its okay, glad you could. The thought and actions are what count. Lol but thx.