When my price got fixed.

When my price got fixed.

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"Say you love me." He started leaving wet trail of kisses on my neck. 
"But i never-" i was cut midway of my sentence as he gently connected his lips with mine. 
"I-I love you." i stuttered as my cheeks flushed crimson. 
He smirked and pushed me on the bed. 
 Bella Horan was a normal girl, her life was wonderful until one night her price got fixed. 
She was bought by an extremely handsome man. 
His unique charm, the way he smiled, the way his eyes shone made her go crazy. 
She wanted to fall for him but she came to know his ugly truth, the truth nobody knew. the truth that changed Bella's life.  
Bella starts falling for him yet the ugly truth stops her.  
Who knew her life would change so drastically? 
Read on to find out about the harsh truth Bella had to unwillingly face.
Bella's price got fixed. 

//Ranked #4 in Vampire//

((Hi my lovelies, i have officially made a comeback on Wattpad after 3 whole years and i have decided to edit this book and add a few bonus chapters. Have a nice day!))

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                              this is ridiculous, but I am just gunna keep on reading cuz savage.
I understand the feeling of this paragraph my dude......😂☹️
For me they'd be like
                              " $.10? Anyone want to go lower?"😂😂😂
skyler164 skyler164 Aug 09
The minute I saw one car pull up in front of me I would dropped my bags and made a run for it 
                              If your with me type agree
liberty4561 liberty4561 Jul 21
Oh, if it's Bella can you make her less shy, and needy? I'm sorry it was just a suggestion please don't kill me.
Bella's a pussy remember who tf walks home in the pitch black dark  this is kind of y'all fault should have listened