Poor Little Rich Girl [CURRENTLY EDITING]

Poor Little Rich Girl [CURRENTLY EDITING]

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Jessica By Blossom_Peaches Completed

Adalynn Prescott had it all. The friends, the boyfriend, the fame, the money, the attitude. She loves her live, living as the daughter of a world famous fashion designer and most loved film producer. 
Things take a turn for the worse when her mother tells her she will be moving to Texas for the rest of the school year for reason's still yet unknown. 

But moving to Texas may just be what Adalynn needs to see that the world in a new light. To learn what its like to have real friends and a love she never expected to come across. When it comes to choice between too different lifestyles will Adalynn make the right one?

(I'm describing the places as to how I want them to come across for the book. The places I'm using are just because I want too really.)

serenaspov serenaspov Apr 16, 2016
wtf y is the main character so mean and rude.  she seems like the typical snobby rich girl
MsJermimahJemB MsJermimahJemB Dec 31, 2016
Bitchy, stuck up attitude, no wonder her parents are always busying themselves with work.
- - Jul 15, 2016
Adalynn sounds like the stereotypical rich girl. You know the ones you see in the movies? They are mean to people that aren't popular and only think about themselves. So far I think it's a great book tho
MsJermimahJemB MsJermimahJemB Dec 31, 2016
Ummm 1. Mason is your boyfriend, if he really 'loves' you hell understand and keep in constant contact with you.
                              2. Friend are suppose to stick with each other (the real ones)
                              3. They're sending you to Texas, how you mean what about you. Its for your own good... I should think
BaconHo BaconHo Mar 19, 2015
Ha this girl is a total bitch. Wonder what happened to Lizzy though.
123coosome456 123coosome456 Dec 04, 2012
@xNoLongerFallingx she's not a bitch! Since she's upset that her parents are barely home,she just does those things to make her happy....Thats my opinion.plus she's right naman eh.what's the use of money if it won't be used right