Life Support » Blake [1]

Life Support » Blake [1]

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nicole By bellamyblakes Updated Aug 19, 2016

❝Sick of waking up in darkness
when the sky is always painted blue.❞

Taylor Bradley would do anything to protect Bellamy and Octavia Blake. When 100 criminals are sent to the ground after 97 years of living in space, all hell breaks loose. 

Taylor is strong but not strong enough. She needs someone to save her from the dangers that await her on the ground. 

She needs life support to keep her breathing. 

Bellamy Blake, the rebel king of the ground. His queen, Taylor Bradley. 


[season 1]

*inspired by 'life support' by sam smith*

((cover made by @mysticisms))

AccioHufflepunk AccioHufflepunk Jul 17, 2016
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watt_fiction watt_fiction Aug 14, 2016
hey if you're interested in the 100 fanfics be sure to check mine out !!(:
HopelesslyWishful HopelesslyWishful Jan 15, 2016
Plot twist & spoiler alert, Raven did it. I wasn't expecting that tbh
WhovianBepo WhovianBepo Mar 31, 2015
I srsly love this beginning, like srsly way better than the actual show, it makes it seem so much more serious and dangerous