Getting Through Italy

Getting Through Italy

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Tessa Lovatt By tessa-x Updated Oct 24

Italy: home of pizza, pasta and prosecco. It will also be Isobel Smith's home for the next year as she embarks on her Erasmus placement in Bologna. What she soon discovers, though, is that life in Italy isn't just about enjoying the local cuisine. Language barriers, culture shocks and an unfamiliar city are just some of the obstacles she'll have to contend with during her time there.

Then there's the added challenge of a long-distance relationship. Being 1000 miles apart, Nathan and Isobel find their chemistry more explosive than ever when together, but struggle to maintain the same level of emotional intimacy when apart. 

With the help of her flirtatious flatmate, Isobel creates a list of ideas to prevent the distance from having an impact on her relationship. From romantic love letters to racy Skype sessions, Isobel hopes that her list will contain everything she needs to help her--and Nathan--get through Italy.

[Book 3 in the GOM series]

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queenethzee queenethzee Apr 04, 2017
OmG I can't believe I'm just seeing this..
                              The first two books are amazing my all time favourite on wattpad and now there's a third..I can't contain my excitement!!!!
thehiddenblackpearl thehiddenblackpearl Apr 22, 2017
Gosh! I'm so excited for this!!! I've always wanted see more of them and I sure am glad that I clicked on your profile this time. I. AM. SO. PUMPED. UP. FOR. THIS!!!! Literally.
nat_2911 nat_2911 Mar 26
@tessa-x I loved Jack, in the last book hoping that he’s going to pop up somewhere! I e literally read the last 2 none stop, can’t wait to get stuck into this one!! ❤️
Long distance is the worst but if you can make it through then you’ll realise how much you and your s/o can face together
nat_2911 nat_2911 Mar 26
These books are totally amazing and you can ass that they reflect true life events!!
girlonthecoast girlonthecoast Feb 14, 2017
So excited to read this! I'm glad you're finally putting it back up again! :)