|06| Conchiglioni

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|06| - "Cut her some slack."

**Sexual content from the beginning.**

Nathan and I stumbled through the door, his hands frantically trying to unbutton my coat while I struggled to loosen his tie. He was quicker, my jumper and blouse being pulled off simultaneously over my head as soon as my coat had been cast aside. Pressing me against the door that we'd shut just seconds earlier, Nathan's mouth latched onto mine, his lips moving against my own in a perfect blend of desire and desperation as his hands gripped my waist. Every so often, I'd run my tongue over his bottom lip as we kissed, enjoying how he reacted each time I did so by pushing his hips closer and closer.

With difficulty to begin with, given our proximity, I forced my hand down between our bodies, attempting to reach his belt. Naturally, the second he gathered what I was trying to do, he was more than happy to give me the space I needed, shaking off his trousers and boxers as soon as the belt was unbuckled.

Wasting no time, I wound my fingers around him, lightly at first as he stared defiantly into my eyes. Once I increased the pressure and pace, though, it became too intense even for him. He squeezed his eyes shut, nestling his head in the crook of my neck, his lips leaving a moist trail over the sensitive area of skin.

"Oh, fuck," he groaned.

His own hands trembled as he tried to remove my jeans, now distinctly lacking the same precision as earlier. There was something undeniably sexy about Nathan in nothing but a ruffled shirt and loosened tie, naked from the waist down, as he battled furiously to undress me. He was so unaware, out of control, primal...

I'd been so busy absorbing the erotic image in front of me, that I didn't notice Nathan succeeding in pulling my jeans low enough that he was able to mercilessly slide in a finger without warning. I cried out at the sudden pleasurable invasion, my last remnants of self awareness joining Nathan's elsewhere, as we both transformed into the sex-hungry couple that we'd become. That same finger trailed languidly upwards, making circular motions in a leisurely fashion that drove me wild—not just because of how good it felt, but because it kept me teetering on the edge without the change of pace that would tip me over it.

"You're torturing me," I breathed against his ear, my hands clutching fistfuls of his shirt.


When he began to further loosen his tie, I clasped my hand over his balled up fist, preventing him from continuing.

"Can you leave it on?" I asked.

He slowly raised an eyebrow at my request, his eyes boring into mine with that same characteristic twinkle, combined with unmistakeable lust.

"Are you gonna ask me to role-play, too?" His lips flickered in amusement as he pulled me flush against his body.

I smiled and shook my head. "No, I want you to be you. I just really like you in that shirt and tie combo."

"I know you do," he said, his voice low. "That's why I wore it."

There were many things I hated about living in a different country to Nathan: not being able to seek physical comfort from him when I needed it, only seeing him through a computer screen when we spoke, and having to wait several weeks between spending time with each other.

And, of course, the lack of physical intimacy.

However, when we did see one another, after so long apart, everything felt intensified. When you give up chocolate for Lent, you crave it every day, wishing you could have just the smallest nibble to tide you over. But when you bite into that Easter egg, tasting it again for the first time in over a month, the flavours are even better than you remember.

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