Getting Over Matt

Getting Over Matt

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Tessa Lovatt By tessa-x Updated Feb 14, 2016

Isobel and Matt had been best friends for seven years when they decided to start dating. Comfortable around each other and knowing everything there was to know, a relationship seemed like a natural--and exciting--step for them. 

But now, with the novelty wearing off, Isobel struggles to accept that her loving boyfriend has changed, only remembering years of good memories with her closest friend. 

When Nathan arrives on the scene and secrets from the past become exposed, Isobel's entire world is thrown upside down. Mysterious, dangerous and infuriatingly persistent, Nathan is the opposite of everything that she's used to. But maybe that's just what she needs to get over Matt.

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oofdrake oofdrake Feb 03
I'd never date my best friend bc I suck at relationships and I wouldn't want to jeopardize our friendship by involving intimacy unless feb
Jelo712 Jelo712 Jan 10
I dont like them together... Their relationship just dont feel right.....
AngelaGima AngelaGima Dec 24, 2017
I don't remember having a locker in sixth fom is this a new thing?
Berryfrezze Berryfrezze Feb 06
Stamina is more important because you need to be able to keep on going, whilst you have then skill and no stamina you will run out of energy quicker and your opponent has a greater chance of success.
Tatou5 Tatou5 Feb 07
OMG the comments ! I'm French so that's never been a problem. 😋
                              However you - English speakers -  finally understand how I feel when I don't understand some of your expressions and references in books. 😚
rom17_ rom17_ Jan 22
Honestly why's she still with him. He might have been a good friend but he sure as he'll is a terrible boyfriend