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after him | b.e by thepartysovernow
after him | b.eby ivy
[an unexpected encounter leaves billie fighting for her happiness] "finneas, he definitely understands what i'm saying to him" i said leaning back again. &quo...
Extra Special Boy by caffrey1974
Extra Special Boyby Mary
Our true story about our ups, downs, discoveries, and mistakes of raising a child on the Autism Spectrum. I hope it can be inspirational and encouraging to others who ar...
School work by Emtgilie
School workby 𝔼𝕞 ☾
Quarantine is upon UA. Some are happy, No More School! Some are stressed, and some are just trying to make it as normal as possible. One in particular, however, is strug...
last time, joe keery by -atypicals-
last time, joe keeryby athena <3
o. LAST TIME | in which joe helps margaret with joining the world outside of the one she knows, being her first - and hopefully last - time for everything. ❝ I DON'T WAN...
Inseparable {Autistic!Louis Businessman!Harry} by lousbumtohazsdik
Inseparable {Autistic!Louis Baby Blue
"Your little difference is inseparable. Because that's what makes you who you are." Autistic!Louis Businessman!Harry [Highest Ranking #206 in Fanficti...
Young Shellington Sea Otter (OtterMAN Of Autism) (COMPLETED) by Octonauts16
Young Shellington Sea Otter ( Madelyn Woods
Summer of 1987 in Perth Scotland. Young 7-year-old Shellington Sea Otter has no idea how to control himself when it comes to his Autism whenever he gets upset or see som...
faces ° dreamwastaken ON HOLD by hlsxox_
faces ° dreamwastaken ON HOLDby H
"how can somebody so perfect hurt so much?" @hlsxox_ b1 of the Gamers Heart Series
🖤⇜Come again⇝🖤  ׀KTH׀ by DarkGhostBaby
🖤⇜Come again⇝🖤 ׀KTH׀by 🖤Choco Mint🖤
සැගවුන නායිකාවක් ! කටකාර ගෑනුලමයෙක්! දරුනු ඇල්ෆා කෙනෙක්! ලේ පිපාසිත මිනීමරුවෙක්! රහස් ගොඩක් තෙරපෙන ජිවිතයක්! එයාල ප්‍රාර්තනා කරන ජීවිතය එයලාට ලැබෙයිද? ඒ ගැන බලන්නනම් කත...
Begin:  A Jungkook Story ✔ by AdrienneArmy
Begin: A Jungkook Story ✔by Adrienne Army
Realistic Series (2004-2011), PG-13, Complete: Follows Jungkook over several years in school as he struggles with being wiggly, distracted and disinterested in school un...
11 Things Not To Say To An Autistic Person by autie4ever
11 Things Not To Say To An autie4ever
I am a 19 year old girl with autism. As autistic person there are a lot of things non-autistic people can tell you. Some are out of curiosity while others might be inten...
My daddy hux  by starwarsfan20
My daddy hux by starwarsfan20
So what happens a a little baby girl who is autistic and she is abandoned by an older woman who didn't not want her at her adoption centre because of her special needs a...
How I battle ASD by iamadelinee
How I battle ASDby Adeline
Hello readers, I'm Adeline and I will tell you how I found out that I have Autism spectrum disorders (ASD), how I deal with it and who am I today. This is a story of my...
The gay student and the gay teacher (bxm) by LozzaNelson
The gay student and the gay Lauren
A boy called Aaron (gay student) who has a crush on his male teacher, but Zayn (male teacher) has a secret. Will Aaron be freaked out by Zayn's secret or happy?
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Subway Love (BxB) by DracoJayyHorror
Subway Love (BxB)by Ramiel Emil Tesla
Where is the best place to find an awkward, nerdy guy to date? Of course it is the subway.
My book by Reallifefurby
My bookby ~Bvbb1e B0y~
just a diary of my mental health c: safe space c: TW for se1f h4rm, over stim, and a bunch of other nasty stuff
《▪Pumpkin▪》♡ Nihachu ♡ by strwberrynlemon
《▪Pumpkin▪》♡ Nihachu ♡by erryn
Nihachu x OC Mainly fluff but might add some angst No smut cause I dont feel comfortable writing it and its against her boundaries TWs will be listed at the top of chapt...
CastAway - The Loner by SampaBagchi
CastAway - The Lonerby sambag
The male protagonist of this story is Shravan Malhotra who has problems communicating and adjusting to social communities and conversing with them. He understands he is...
Cantelope  by maiguu
Cantelope by Ghost
Cover of Lin Cringely
We Shine by michy_addo
We Shineby Maddonya
We Align SPIN-OFF (you don't not need to read We Align to read this book.) ----------------- I'm not perfect. My biggest mistake was losing her. Or it was... Losing w...
Neurodivergent Problems + Memes by _whatisalife_
Neurodivergent Problems + Memesby not a cactus
Just relatable memes and stuff for my fellow ND peeps. Cover is a placeholder until I get to making one. [Photo ID: Colorful photo of a nebula in space.]