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Peter's Twin Sister by NatWandasBitch
Peter's Twin Sisterby NatWandasBitch
Two twins become interns to none other than Tony Stark himself as a cover so they can become part of the Avengers without their Aunt May figuring out. With one of the tw...
Heartbeats by ILoveFood--
Heartbeatsby K.T.K Ayoub
What happens if a cheery, gullible, bubbly girl cross paths with a cold handsome guy in a hospital corridors? What if she thinks that they zinged at first sight? Meet Em...
let me help  todoroki x asd!reader by cens0redfeel1ngs
let me help todoroki x asd!readerby anzu:)
when y/n is accepted to UA via recommendations from a hero she help late at night, she try's to fit in and mask ever 'weird' thing about her. after being diagnosed with...
Jenna Ortega x Autistic!Male!Reader One Shots by Jangofettjamz
Jenna Ortega x Autistic!Male! J.M
Jenna Ortega fics from the perspective of a male character with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) I don't know how to write smut, so I won't write it at all. I leave that t...
Inseparable {Autistic!Louis Businessman!Harry} by lousbumtohazsdik
Inseparable {Autistic!Louis Baby Blue
"Your little difference is inseparable. Because that's what makes you who you are." Autistic!Louis Businessman!Harry [Highest Ranking #206 in Fanficti...
Extraordinary Mutant (X-Men x autistic reader) by FiveColours04
Extraordinary Mutant (X-Men x 💚Daisy💚
As an autistic person myself, I decided to write what I think it would be like to be an autistic person in the world of X-men, and explore how I think the characters wou...
Legends and Littles by LilBabJojo
Legends and Littlesby Jojo
In the future, there are 2 different classifications. You are either a caregiver, or a little. Some accept their classes, while others reject them. However, you can't de...
Love Novice (Completed) Season 1 In Ben and Am's Romance by galarussauthor
Love Novice (Completed) Season 1 Gala Russ
Tug-at-your-heartstrings new adult first love story. What starts as a bet to avoid cleanup duties at her minimum wage cashier job, wins Amelie D'Amico more than she's ev...
Don't Call me That -Book 2/2- by perfectdegeneration
Don't Call me That -Book 2/2-by perfectdegeneration
Chosen family and friends mean the world to everyone, right? When Y/n realizes that a lot of his own have been hiding their own issues too, he isn't sure whether to be a...
Young Shellington Sea Otter (OtterMAN Of Autism) (COMPLETED) by Octonauts16
Young Shellington Sea Otter ( Madelyn Woods
It was the summer of 1987 in Perth, Scotland, and a young 7-year-old named Shellington Sea Otter struggled with controlling his emotions due to his autism. Whenever he b...
Completely Attached by UnconventionalB
Completely Attachedby Brandon
Love Comes in Many Forms. Note: none of the characters are mine and any photos are property of their original owners.
The Pain We Feel  by fabianpadmore
The Pain We Feel by Creativepains132010
sequel to friends before college (yea the time line is messed up I know) A group of broken teens find comfort in each other as they over come their trauma and troubled...
Softer Than Lavender (Boy×Boy) by BitchBean
Softer Than Lavender (Boy×Boy)by BitchBean
*Completed* This book is for those of us with Autism who dare to dream and for those of us who fall deeply in love.❤ Greyson was the coolest loner anyone has ever met. A...
I Hate Marshal Yun (Boy × Boy) by BitchBean
I Hate Marshal Yun (Boy × Boy)by BitchBean
COMPLETED This is for those of us with Autism who dare to dream and for those of us who fall deeply in love. Keaton Weiss hates Marshal Yun with a burning passion. The b...
Extraordinary Mutant 2: Finding My Way Back (X-Men x Autistic Reader) by FiveColours04
Extraordinary Mutant 2: Finding 💚Daisy💚
Book 2 of Extraordinary Mutant - set in Days Of Future Past (pls read book 1 first if you haven't already!) It's been about 10 years since that day in Cuba where Y/n's l...
my escape (severitus, drarry) by Alesha_1605
my escape (severitus, drarry)by Alesha Rachel Evershed-White
drarry and fatherly Snape what will happen when Severus is called to check on the Gryfindoor golden boy? follow the heart wrenching story of Harry Potter, the boy who l...
Begin:  A Jungkook Story ✔ by AdrienneArmy
Begin: A Jungkook Story ✔by Adrienne Army
Realistic Series (2004-2011), PG-13, Complete: Follows Jungkook over several years in school as he struggles with being wiggly, distracted and disinterested in school un...
Autistic Pride!! by FiveColours04
Autistic Pride!!by 💚Daisy💚
Some facts and experiences of someone on the Autism Spectrum!!
SERENDIPITY | bxb. by integurls
in which an autistic boy finds it in him to emerge from his shell, only to find a lucky surprise. (c) integurls 2023.
I Can't Think Inside This Box!  a book about autism by FairlyLocalTreehouse
I Can't Think Inside This Box! lynn sabrina
My daughter and I are both autistic, and over the years I have compiled a list (read: Pinterest board) of many great references and helpful articles, which just occurred...