Undercover agent

Undercover agent

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think_of_a_username By think_of_a_username Updated Jun 13, 2015

A girl with a history that can drive a person mad dives her ford to be the to undercover spy at IAAU. 
She is the top of the field agents and also the best in the interrogation rooms. They say her eyes are so green and strong the criminals or whomever they are interrogating cave almost instantly. 

She is fire. Nobody gets in her way. 
With a history like hers you can only expect the worst but she brings out her best to the table. 
What happens when her boss Mat gives her a job she won't forget. She is a student at East high school. 
Wounds will be opened, walls will be built, hope will be discovered, love will be tested.
Read it all in undercover agent 


But always remember nothing as it seems. Trust no one. Sleep with one eye open. And hold on tight when the rollercoster comes. 

Most of the chapters are short but there will be lots of them.

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JontaeHarris6 JontaeHarris6 Oct 07, 2017
Good. My love. Good. Expunge the  disposables who deserve it. O3o
Kristen_Luvs_llamas Kristen_Luvs_llamas Oct 01, 2017
But.....why didn't she use her knife instead of her nails......oh wait maybe it was out of reach sorry continue...
Shyland_dadams Shyland_dadams Jul 26, 2017
^ The metal door on the other side suddenly opened with a large 'thud' and a well built guy, I shall call him Mini Mountain, came storming in with a baseball bat yelling at me. 
                              *cough* Rude *cough*
                              That's actually the correct way
YourEverydayStalker YourEverydayStalker Dec 11, 2017
                              Pretty stupid to be honest, I mean they didn't even check her for weapons. Secondly, they failed to tie her to a chair!!! A CHAIR! Might as well just not kidnap her. But anyways LMAO
LazyCrazyLady LazyCrazyLady Mar 26, 2016
Wow, her kidnappers are stupid! 
                              1. They failed to tie her to the chair so she couldn't escape.
                              2. THEY DIDN'T EVEN CHECK HER FOR WEAPONS!? 
                              Those idiots have got to be the stupidest kidnappers ever! Lmao!
LazyCrazyLady LazyCrazyLady Mar 26, 2016
That is all very true, but if you believe life is a game you can't win, why are you fighting for yours, and other people's lives?