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Questions The Nerd Got Wrong... #Wattys2016

Questions The Nerd Got Wrong... #Wattys2016

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Lovely duckling By kklovitknowit Completed

Cover by @daniella-lavonne
  "You're a nerd you should know the answer" he said inches away from my  face "And what if I don't?" I answered crossing my arms over my chest. They took a step closer if that was even possible and said in a very hushed whisper "then you got the answer wrong... and real nerds don't get questions wrong". My eyes go wide with shock, they start backing away leaving me shocked...'well damn'...
  Meet Invery , shes 17 and goes to school as a nerd (a good girl), but really she does every thing other then be good. She forgot how to a long time ago. She only hides who she really is because she doesn't want people to pity her or challenge her. 
  Mostly cause shes short tempered,but what happens when she runs into the schools most popular bad boys in more then one place were her cover could be blown? will she build more walls and keep him out. Or let them in, to break down the walls she tried so hard to keep up. Will she also break down walls they built together to protect them?
  Read and find out...

Stars0815 Stars0815 Dec 26, 2016
True that. When your mom says your whole name you know you're screwed
shenkyo shenkyo Feb 07
I spoke to spoon is my new catch frase  in the lunch
Omg...... can't........ breathe .........
                              Am I the only one who read
                              "Austin Jones, and Anal Ryder"
                              Can't..... Even..............
Oh my gosh when said said that I quickly downloaded rockabye and started listening to it 😂😂
Mommaearth Mommaearth Nov 25, 2016
*Looks under shirt*
                              Im pretty sure i need boobs to be dragged by my nipples but i happen to have 2 less then i should
Thas literally my mom except she doest say nipples instead she says hairs