Lies | ✔️

Lies | ✔️

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NiCole♡ By Nicxkyy Completed

• Nothing Lasts Forever •

[#114 in Action (08.09.16)]


A cup full of action, a spoonful of humor, and a teaspoon of romance...

One mission.

Two murderers.

Five to be killed.
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Emma attends high school and behaves like an ordinary teenager. However, she was different. She was a murderer. 

One day, she was sent on a mission with a guy named Adam. To kill. To murder. And the nightmare of killing starts...

Taking a deep breath, I stared at Adam again, hoping he'd understand. Nodding at me, he urged me gently to continue. 

Nodding back, I continued, "Worse of all, every single piece of memory of how I killed them still haunts me. The blood. Their terrified faces. Their begging. Unfair killing. All these are just unfair games... and we are the players of this game." 


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Fab1236 Fab1236 Jan 03
Hey i love it, me and you love to write about drama, not the whole truth, lies, i just started reading💚💙💜💖
ayeeitsdaniii ayeeitsdaniii Jul 29, 2016
This was definitely an intriguing chapter. You MC's predicament really grabbed my attention. I can't wait to read on and see how she fares working for Boss Jimmy 😊
theStoryfangirl theStoryfangirl Jul 29, 2016
I feel it's missing a word after designated. Maybe "spots". Just my suggestion. If you like it the way it is, you don't have to change it ^-^
starrydust- starrydust- Dec 07, 2016
Helllo can one of you read my book plz? I want people to read it and get some constructive criticism so I can get better 😊plz check out my book it's called "Out There"
SaraRBA SaraRBA Aug 07, 2016
Woah ggreat start, there were words I couldn't understand but later I could :P I'm hooked up!
PenguinGirl1246 PenguinGirl1246 Aug 09, 2016
:0 *gasps and puts hands to chest dramatically and keeps reading*