The Girl in the Right Attic

The Girl in the Right Attic

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Raghad By TeddyBearHugger4 Completed

Have you ever thought how would rich kids live after the death of their parents whilst they're underage and lost all the fortune?

Meet Lilly, her father's one of the richest people in India, hence owning the biggest gold mine there.
After her mother's death several years ago, Chrissford Whitepine gave up on raising his daughter on his own, so he decide on sending her to a private girl school in his birth town, London. Where Lilly can be taught to become a proper lady at a very young age.

Several weeks throughout the school year, shocking news reaches the ears of the beloved young sweet-hearted Lilly, After her father donated all his money in a new project he died with flu receiving the information of the failure of the new project.  The mine was empty, and Lilly has nothing left.

What will happen to Lilly? What will her stuck-up Money-Loving teacher would do? Will her friends do something? Or will they leave her after she become poor now?

All that and more is answered in the pages next...

Since the book is fiction, characters, places, events, etc. are created by my fascinating imaginary, so I assure you if it happened that your name or an event was similar to you, I DIDN'T KNOW!