My Teacher got me Pregnant (COMPLETED)

My Teacher got me Pregnant (COMPLETED)

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Elizabet Grey By Mockingjay7158 Completed

This story is about a dream I had and also just some add ons. A girl, only at age 15 gets pregnant, and you would not believe by whom...

(As we are about to sit down, our name is called and we head into Dr. Martin's office. He greets us and has me change into a hospital gown so he can fully check me and the baby. I have Dr. Martin leave the room while I get dressed. Mr. M is hiding his eyes and I laugh, 

"Ha, like you haven't seen me naked before,")

I hope you LOVE this story! This is my first no hate please! I've edited and this is the completed book. Also, please don't judge, it was a dream. 

Please Please PLEASE comment your thoughts and if you'd like a second book which will be A WHOLE LOT better since I'm better at writing now. 

THANK YOU so much!  :)

Update Nov, 2018: For those who are wondering why there are so many holes and faults is because I wrote this when I was 13/14 years old and didn't know as much back then as I know now. The book isn't amazing but it's just a story I wrote about and had an idea about back then. 

If you have a problem with it, I'm sorry but I wrote this story a very long time ago and I was very naive. Feel free to check out my newer books! :)

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