I'm Still Here: Sequel For 'Step Daddy No'

I'm Still Here: Sequel For 'Step Daddy No'

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WARNING: This book is for 18 years or older. There are strong language, sexual scenes and other mature contents.

(MUST READ STEP DADDY NO TO BETTER UNDERSTAND) if not this will make absolutely no sense to you. So I recommend that you do.

Five years later, instead of prolonging her crying for the man she loved so much that broke her fragile little heart back then, She became strong, finished school with flying colors and also grown to become a very successful, serious business woman.

The man she loathes so much, popped up out of nowhere with the proposal of being partners with her. That's completely a no for her.

How far was Michael willing to go after he found out Akeilia's secret relationship with her manager? A calm, sexy, understanding, trustworthy guy who took his work seriously and who's deeply in love with Akeilia.

Leon was frustrated that his wife won't stop stressing over her friend and decided on a plan to make things better for the two.

Or so they thought.

Everyone had a secret of their past. Wanna know their secret?

Add this book to your library and begin reading. No doubt you'll find out.

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Looks like I want Leon and monique's separate book.....pretty much😘😘😘😘
07angels4me 07angels4me Feb 02
Ok because I was seriously confused.  Even went back to re-read 😂
mad4kookie mad4kookie Mar 12
I hate you for Tricking ME WJDUWQIWOWKENSHWYSGDUW8W9KDNFHH! #_×&!;!:^ class="on-user-mention" href="/user/×">@× 😢😭😭😭😭😭 T-T *CRIES IN A CORNER*
Thais she be a sign to stop arguing and talk about your problems cause anything could’ve happen 🤦🏽‍♀️
Lilcrazzy26 Lilcrazzy26 Oct 17, 2016
Dang he hung himself. Where do they find the stuff to do that with I mean that's just upsetting.
AshaeK AshaeK Sep 06, 2016
Yes I wonder what's go happen next , update please I wanna read more