The Female Butler ➡ Sebastian X OC

The Female Butler ➡ Sebastian X OC

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*going through the editing process*
Black butler fan fic

As Rose loses her family in a fire which leaves her hungry for revenge, the young girl summons a demon to do her bidding. She names this she demon Annabel, her second name Sam.

Now made a contract with a human, but this human wanted her to become a butler, not a maid. Now Annabel dose everything like a male would, meaning her being a female is a secret to everyone but her faithful master.

Anabell has never once acted like a girl since her master gave her that order, pushing her true gender aside and taking on the male role with eagerness. 

But as her master starts making buisness plans with the queens guard dog, earl Ciel Phantomhive, what kind of havok will this reak as they meet one another for the first time?

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SoraXKeisha SoraXKeisha May 09, 2017
Obviously he doesn't recognize the looks of a female. if he's saying that first.
TheShadowOfNightmare TheShadowOfNightmare Jul 24, 2017
*crosses green eyes out*
                              *writes silver eyes in place of green eyes*
                              I'm pretending this person is me. And yes, my eyes are naturally silver.
spookishima spookishima Sep 22, 2017
honestly I've read this like thirty times and it's so good tbh
Kitty_Cacy Kitty_Cacy Sep 09, 2017
It's sort of like the part of the wedding where you say ' I do' to the priest
TheAntiCristIsHere TheAntiCristIsHere Sep 13, 2017
Well you are certainly into Romeo and Juliet if you are bringing the Capulets into this
- - Jan 09, 2017
For a moment there I thought it said ghouls and I was like, this isn't Tokyo ghoul