The Designated Dorm Room

The Designated Dorm Room

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Stella Synnie ♪ By seungcheolswife17 Updated Apr 14, 2016

❝There are so many wrong things when I move into my college life.
  First, my ex-boyfriend from high school who was a total jerk goes to the same college as me.
  Second, he's my dorm roommate.❞

After a broken high school relationship, Kaylie swore to hate her ex-boyfriend forever, forget him and move on with her life happily.
But things didn't work out very well when Kaylie walked into her new dorm room only to find out her roommate was the one who broke her heart three years ago.

Kaylie Mills Taylor was a 5"4 pretty girl.
Dylan Carter was a 5"7 handsome guy.

They both wanted revenge for the other.

I repeat, it is NOT edited. So brace yourself for some shitloads of grammar errors (or spellings) or awkward syntax, diction and wordings because when I read the first chapter again, I felt awkward myself... So...
You have been warned.
- It will be edited after completed. xx

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