Things Left Unsaid | ✓

Things Left Unsaid | ✓

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Rhianna By infallibles Completed

❝That's the thing about love. It isn't going to be easy, it isn't going to be smooth, but it's going to be worth it. Because sometimes you have to take the plunge. And you never know if you'll make it out again.❞

Maybe it's the way he looked at her that day in kindergarten or maybe it's the way he was there for her all those years. Whatever it was, somewhere along the way Kaylee fell for Dylan - hard. She soon realizes, however, that feelings can be misinterpreted and fate often doesn't play in her favor. When a rift forms between the two, all hope seems lost and Kaylee is forced to move on.

But later, when fate finally decides to twist in her favor, Kaylee is given a second chance to fix their romance. As the two work through resetting their relationship, they soon learn that friendships often don't go as planned, relationships aren't actually that simple, and words are not always easily said. 

And in the end, everything may just crash and burn.

Warning: Read at your own risk! This is my first story on Wattpad (which I wrote when I was 14), so you know what that means - cringe, plot holes, and errors. It's not the most well-written; there are decent chapters and bad chapters. I hope you decide to give this story a chance anyways, though.

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rhirhianna rhirhianna Feb 20, 2018
My name is Rhianna!!!!! I have never met someone else with the same name as me. I'm happy now.
Explosively Explosively Sep 03, 2014
Awww thank you, Rhi!! I love you so much!
                              Congrats on finish the story. I love it so much. #Kaylyn5ever!  It's a beautiful ending, and I loved how you tied it to your title. Très magnifique :)