Singing on the Roof

Singing on the Roof

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Lucian Nyx does not approve. 

Why is Lucian avoiding other people like they have cooties? Circle one of the following: 

a. He's a misanthropic narcissist who doesn't think anyone is good enough for him. (How pleasant.)

b. He's a tortured man-boy with a dark past. (And some sort of fetish?)

c. He's an oversensitive thinking soul who's shy, socially awkward, and in general too precious for this world. (Well okay, that's . . . yeah, no.)

d. He's an alien-vampire-werewolf hybrid. (What? This is a legitimate option!)

If I had to pick one of the above, I'd say-

His entrance interrupted my train of thought. He was frowning again, of course. I waited for him to sit in the front row like he always did. Yep. No. No. No. He didn't sit in his usual spot. He walked further into the classroom. He sat next to me.

Lucian Nyx just sat right next to me.

(Author's note: Cover by shxggydog <3 Wattpad Featured Story - Book 1/Volume 1. Complete, but extras will be posted. Once upon a time, the first draft of Singing on the Roof was in the inkpop Top 5. This is a revised version, dedicated to my fearless friend writingpassion *colorful fireworks in her honor*)

Jan_Capri Jan_Capri Oct 01
Turn your face towards the sun let the shadows fall behind u
Lucian really resonates with me. Soulmates? Yes, I think so. :P
Aimbella200 Aimbella200 May 29
I am? I don't understand the fancy words but it sounds really pretty!❤️
I love this opening, one of the best openings I have ever read on Wattpad so far.
throwitdown throwitdown Nov 23
I am here because of @sasa_lee's recommendation and I do not regret anything so far. I love this already! ❤️I'm such an antihero fan girl and Lucian Nyx is right there for me next to the High General!!!
Oh why the hell not. I've been bored and this seems interesting. So, after 4 days (yes, I spent that long deciding) I have caved and I'm gonna read this book. Plus, the beginning is beautifully hilarious.