The Alphas Naughty Mate

The Alphas Naughty Mate

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Akala_Irving By Akala_Irving Updated May 12

Sneaky, Naughty and Sexy, Katey. The one and only popular party girl, who does the most craziest of things. She's a good looker and boys fall to her feet begging for sex.

Aaron, the packs next Alpha, obedient, hot and short tempered. He finds out the day he moves to his new school that Katey is his mate. Clashes will happen, jealousy and fights.

How will it all end...........

Toilet? Bathroom is better for me but yah! 
                              Lol I said I would stop being a hater
Okay okay chill out @Book_obsesser_5565.  Just calm down...I love how your very honest but just please chill. Take a deep breathe and chill XDx
well he took his mate though and well since tyler becoming a alpha i guess that is his mate
Let me ask you a question: Have any of your friends or family died because of smoking? Mine did. I knew what they were doing, buy instead of taking action, I just laughed and joked around. Now my cousin is dead. NO smoking!!!!!
Omg I was hoping that it was just talks but she is a fast girl
_TrueLuna_ _TrueLuna_ May 05
Migod why does she have to be fast and she smokes? 
                              What are the other surprises huh?
                              Jk ✌