Betting With The Boys!

Betting With The Boys!

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Dreamers By faithraven09 Completed


Carly Penton was seen as the school genius, with her grades there was no room for argument.  So how is it that she managed to lose in a bet with her three - although best - annoyingly stupid male friends?  Callum, Liam and Jasper have a plan (surprisingly) up their sleeves and are going to dish out the most uncomfortable scenario for her.  What is the bet?


She must dress, act and be a boy for a whole month without anyone else except the three boys knowing. What could possibly go wrong, it's only a few days?

Oh boy was she wrong! Read to find out what disasters she has fallen into.

  • comedy
  • fantasy
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  • lgbt
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  • teen
I first read this on bookrix....a few years ago went back to read it, you guys had removed it xD Glad to find it here
Anubhuti123 Anubhuti123 Aug 15, 2016
i am already loving the story by its cover....................... :-) ;-)