Smitten With Him [complete]

Smitten With Him [complete]

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Zara By frozenrainfall Completed

Needing a favour and an easy way to pass his Physics class, closeted gay Zach Hamilton seeks Jace, the smart ass band geek who has snarky comebacks to everything.

Becoming smitten with the tall, skinny, cheeky nerd was pretty easy, but difficulties arise when his clique and his brother toughen down on him,  and his best friend, Flynn, holds a secret that can't be forgotten easily.

-- -- --

Disclaimer: boy x boy, quite a lot of swearing and... This is a PG-13 book, so you know the rules.

nobody1105 nobody1105 Sep 06
Ohhhh sounds fun I think we should be besties and go on a killing spree together
AjSalvatore AjSalvatore Sep 11
No guy is worth wearing a stupid possession bracelet unless he is willing to wear it too.
roses are red
                              cacti are prickley
                              ive gotta say
                              that escalated quickley
JTheSadjpeg JTheSadjpeg Sep 07
so my best friend today tried to say this and instead said "i'll thit your sroat." and now i can't think of it the same way
So here's a funny story, apparently all the other elementary schools around mine don't have the "popular group" and stuff but mine is the only one that does and that's so fücking messed up??
Evvverryyboddyy  makes me feel weird so I don't think I'm as straight as I wish I were lmao