Your Guardian Angel ~a Castiel story~

Your Guardian Angel ~a Castiel story~

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Castiel's First Angel✨ By ContraCat Updated Apr 30

I always had a strong belief that all things Supernatural existed. Everything from ghosts, werewolves, vampires, and anything else anyone could think of. And then I also believed that they weren't what movies portray them to be. But I never told anyone of these beliefs I had for the sake of not being sent to an insane asylum.

Along with these beliefs came these dreams, or visions, that came to me about four men, all of which I had no idea who they were (but somehow felt connected to them in ways I didn't understand), by the names of Sam, Dean, Bobby, and Castiel. Sam was large and resembled a moose and a puppy all at once. Dean looked looked like a smug bastard(mixed with some male model), but a bastard that cared for Sam. Bobby was a gruff looking man with a belly and the years of fighting and experience upon him. And then there was Castiel. Castiel always wore a suit and tie and a trench coat over it. He always had the same expression upon his face. But there was something about Castiel that stood out to me and I couldn't place my tounge on it.

And then there was me. Dakota Scott Patterson (her real name is Dakota Rose Scott Singer, Bobby's daughter), an average 20 year old woman studying mythology of all sorts, a love for weaponry and old cars, who has no memory of a mother or father. Oh I forgot to add in the psychic crap going on with me. But I felt like I wasn't exactly as my birth certificate said I was.

Somewhere down the line I met the four men personally and suddenly everything fell into place.

Hi my name is Dakota Rose Scott Patterson and this is my Supernatural story.

PrincessFox33 PrincessFox33 5 days ago
His beautiful blue eyes. omc I can't even with his eyes.....CAS YOUR EYES ARE BEAUTIFUL
Yeah... it's definitely not in any way a description of me... no...
🎶As long as I got my suit and tie Imma heal Dean tonight🎵
What ever happened to 'It's on the tip of my tongue, I just can place my finger on it'?
ThatCatLife ThatCatLife Dec 01, 2015
I am not even joking this is me. I don't want to put salt around the windows and doors because people will give me a therapist. I guess I will have to put a Devils trap under the carpet by the doorway.
DannyTheDingo DannyTheDingo Jul 29, 2015
a heads up,Bobby didn't want a kid so never had 'it' with a female I'm pretty sure.Because he didn't want to end up like his dad.