Overanalyze, Overpack, Overreact - Destiel

Overanalyze, Overpack, Overreact - Destiel

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Lots of overdoing.

Castiel Novak was a 22 years old bass guitarist in a band called "Kings Of Purgatory" with his best friends Dean, Gabe and Benny. The band was gaining popularity and the guys were getting more and more famous everyday; but there was a problem.

Cas had been crushing on his fellow band mate for 4 years now.

It wasn't THAT bad at first. Yeah, Dean didn't probably didn't share his feelings but he was still there, right next to him, every day; which was more than enough for Cas. Until he, like the flick of a switch, wasn't.

Now Cas was overanalyzing, and overthinking; why was Dean being so distant to him all of a sudden?


this is a destiel au (alternative universe) with lots of sabriel on the side. there are no monsters, no demons, no angels in this fanfiction(sadly). there are no deaths, no self harm, no triggers I know of, mild swearing, and no smut (except it's hinted). if there is anything that bothers you with this fic, please message me. also if you spot any mistakes or triggers, again, message me. if you would like to leave constructive criticism, please do because that will be very... constructive.

I don't know where the original photo from the cover is from, but if it's your edit then tell me and I will credit you. this story takes place in a fictional town called "Courtney" in California. HUGE thanks to @fcktheimagery who listened to me blab about this story for hours and helped me come up with awesome stuff, and proved to me that Bela isn't blond. I don't think I could've been as proud of this as I am if it wasn't for her. (go follow her)

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