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Kicked out of her kingdom by Darkness, how does Melody rebuild her life and take back her crown?


Okay, you've gotten a preview of my life. I'm a princess of a mythical land called Enchantment. We support Light in it's long lasting battle against Darkness and recently things have taken a turn for the worse.

Laufeia, a big time immortal and servant of Dark beings has thrown me and my friends out of our own castle. Now we are on the run from being captured by her minions. I've seen her do horrible acts, she has taken lives of those more powerful than herself. How though? Maybe she is more evil than I anticipated. Either way, I'm in a slump. My people have their backs turned, my friends expect this great hero out of me, but I never even graduated high school!

So, not only do I have to retake my title, prove I'm a badass and that I care for the Enchantains but then there's my Beloved, Reason. Hey, he's hot, leave me alone.

Okay, back to my royal problems. In my journey to earn my princess status back, I have to parade around my land. And because of that I meet some weird creatures- the kind that you read about.

To defend Light I have to resist Darkness. Not as easy as it sounds. 


Fall deeper into the song of Enchantment, slip underneath it's sweet waves. This mystical planet has creatures we only hear of in stories. 

Melody may be a little dead inside but that won't stop the Light that lives within her. Follow Mel as she discovers not only herself, but those around her.

Bas1cBean Bas1cBean Aug 14, 2016
In that case tell them to tell to mother nature to know it off
u-just-got-rejected u-just-got-rejected Feb 20, 2016
I like how Reasons kiss wasn't enough, but seeing poor Jordan break is what got her