『Three's A Charm』『OHSHC』*EDITING*

『Three's A Charm』『OHSHC』*EDITING*

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『Ouran High School Host Club』 『Hitachiin Twins ✘ OC』
❝For those who can't choose between the two mischievous twins...❞    

A foreign girl who enrolls into Ouran Academy, soon discovers a life she has yet to live, until they both came along.

+ in the process of editing +

『Cover Made By: @MickeyMouseIsMyHero』

  • chelsea
  • haruhi
  • heartbreak
  • hikaruhitachiin
  • hitachiintwins
  • honey
  • hostclub
  • kaoruhitachiin
  • kyouya
  • kyoya
  • love
  • lovetriangle
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  • originalcharacter
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  • outcast
  • romance
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-sleepingwithsilence -sleepingwithsilence Aug 13, 2017
I'm just...gonna pretend she didn't say that. I'm also going to pretend she's just super smart...and stuff.
-jurassic- -jurassic- Apr 12, 2017
This was a good book until freaking magic powers was thrown in.
ScarletKat15 ScarletKat15 2 days ago
I'm thinking of Kamisama kiss ...nanami's mom but dang hitting us with the feels at the beginning gj author
SugaChainz SugaChainz Sep 22, 2017
The first story of Luca-senpai I read was Two Souls. I cri so much, such a good book
YourGoToAuthor YourGoToAuthor Sep 14, 2017
I understand the moving things with you mind thing, thank you Maya, but being able to tell someone's emotion can make a book wwwwaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy to cheesy.
OneWomanApocalypse OneWomanApocalypse Jul 19, 2016
Really dedication. I've taken Spanish for about a month and can have a small conversation with my friend if she speaks slowly