『Three's A Charm』『OHSHC』*EDITING*

『Three's A Charm』『OHSHC』*EDITING*

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『Ouran High School Host Club』 『Hitachiin Twins ✘ OC』
❝For those who can't choose between the two mischievous twins...❞    

A foreign girl who enrolls into Ouran Academy, soon discovers a life she has yet to live, until they both came along.

+ in the process of editing +

『Cover Made By: @MickeyMouseIsMyHero』

I'm just...gonna pretend she didn't say that. I'm also going to pretend she's just super smart...and stuff.
America!!!!!🤣 We're often regarded as loud, obnoxious simpletons but that blatant, in-your-face pride... it's bomb
                              (Disclaimer: I'm biased🇺🇸 and the opinions above are made lightheartedly/jokingly. Don't take it too seriously😊🖒 Thanks!😘)
I feel bad for wanting this to be a lemon, but I REALLY want this to be a lemon
-jurassic- -jurassic- Apr 12
This was a good book until freaking magic powers was thrown in.
Ryder-chan Ryder-chan May 08
Well I mean, these lips /do/ help me eat a whole box of pizza by myself so...
OneWomanApocalypse OneWomanApocalypse Jul 19, 2016
Really dedication. I've taken Spanish for about a month and can have a small conversation with my friend if she speaks slowly