Please, just stay away!    [Depressed!BakugoxKirishima]

Please, just stay away! [Depressed!BakugoxKirishima]

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After Bakugo is rescued from the League of Villains, everything seems to go back to normal, Class 1-A is back to its energetic self and Bakugo is back to his usual explosive attitude. He's started warming up to Kirishima a bit too. However, Bakugo has never told anyone what happened to him while he was kidnapped, and Class 1-A finds out in a 'shocking' way. 

⚠️Trigger Warnings/Regular Warnings: ⚠️
Self harm
Depressing thoughts 
Self hate
Throwing up 
Talk about abuse
Attempted Rape
Homophobia (I do not condone and I hate it)
Out of character: pretty much everybody 

Also, possible grape juice will be made. 

This is a KiriBaku fanfic. First story so I'll try my best

{This didn't end up how I wanted it to, idk if that's something I should say but I'm gonna do a different one the way I wanted it to turn out eventually}
- - -

Pictures/art do not belong to me, they belong to respectful owner
Characters do not belong to me, they belong to Horikoshi
The only thing I own is the plot 

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