The Dream Catcher

The Dream Catcher

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I seductively walked to the drunk at the corner of the alley. He saw me and smiled widely.

"Come have a drink with me! Lift your hood so I can see your beautiful face!" he yelled.

I did and put a stone cold expression on my face.

"You! You're supposed to be dead!" he said, trying to get up, but falling right back down.

"Yes. I am supposed to be dead. But I'm not. The dead always come back to haunt you. But I'm not here to haunt you."

He let out a sigh of relief.

"I'm here to kill you." I hissed.

He widened his eyes in fear and cowered into the corner.

"It's funny how karma works, isn't it? You kill three innocent children and two of them just happened to be my beloved siblings. Now, I'm back for revenge." I smiled sweetly.

"No! Get away from me!" he shouted, breaking a beer bottle and holding the glass in front of him.


"Do me a favor, and fill that bottle with your blood." I said, using my gift, and pointing to the unbroken beer bottle next to him.

He immediately took the broken glass shards and started cutting himself with it and filling the beer bottle with his own blood. His shrieks of pain filled a little joy into my heart.

"P-please! Make it stop! What are you?!"

"Shut up and keep going." I hissed.

He shut his mouth and cut ten times deeper. By the time an hour has passed, he was on the ground, lifeless. I smirked and took the filled bottles.

"Thank you for the drink."

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celinewoods17 celinewoods17 Feb 26, 2018
I love these books of yours, can I request you to write a book where renesme's twin brother is the blood singer of both the witch twins? And like his all seductive and hadsome, please? They don't write enough of these books.
i_macat i_macat Oct 05, 2015
Isn't it Prolog? Epilogue is the ending (I don't know how to spell prolog in english so I wrote it in german)