Truth( Twilight fan-fic) book 2 of the Immunity series

Truth( Twilight fan-fic) book 2 of the Immunity series

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Kira has met the person who saved her all those years ago but has never really had a real conversation with the vampire. She feels safe in her dreams, but when the Cullen's leave her with a broken hearted sister, it is the only place that seems to keep her from going crazy, or is it?

There is also something that seems to be growing at the back of Kira's mind, something dark, that threatens her very life and could change her in ways that no one had expected.

Join Kira as her life unravels, once again. can she finally find the answer to her questions of 'what am i'?

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Lol we do that in my family but we normally start with a really big box and go about 10 or so boxes
- - Apr 05, 2016
I prefer MCR or green day but I like some of their songs too.
MoeMoe-sama MoeMoe-sama Nov 26, 2016
The world explodes, the sky falls, you get raped, you sister dies, everyone on earth dies, Panic! At the Disco is erased from existence, shall I go on with these tragedies?!
_Glass_Shards_ _Glass_Shards_ May 18, 2016
Is Marcus the blond or the guy who looks really sad, I'm having a brain fart pls help