Can You Feel My Heart (If I Had One)?

Can You Feel My Heart (If I Had One)?

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Scott has been a demon for the past four hundred years. He has been making deals with humans but when a desperate Mitch Grassi makes a deal for his sister's life, Scott takes pity on him. He allows Mitch to live. Then he secretly sneaks into the human's life. He tries to get close to Mitch. But can this human make an old demon's human heart begin to work again? How could this end well in any way?

A READER'S WARNING: Sexual content is mentioned in some chapters. If it is mentioned in a chapter this -> XXXX will be at the beginning of a chapter to warn you.


  • mitchgrassi
  • romance
  • scomiche
  • scotthoying
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I always laugh at the white tv characters that try to summon supernaturals with their horrible Latin 💀
superfruitbaby superfruitbaby Dec 26, 2016
I would actually probably be lke "kill me now" as soon as i walked in that house bruh. I dont got time for demonds
superfruitatonix superfruitatonix Apr 21, 2015
I love this. Supernatural-esque details mixed with scömìche. love it
AnnMarieThrush AnnMarieThrush Aug 08, 2014
We need to have Wattpad writers get paid like on YouTube! It could be a job
TheHolyAlpaca TheHolyAlpaca Aug 07, 2014
Sounds a lot like Supernatural without the storyline. LOVE IT!!!
ponderingcreativity ponderingcreativity Aug 06, 2014
This is amazing ¿? I love this so much like you don't even understand