Skater Boy by BigBoyCikada
Skater Boyby Robotic Hell Demon
Scott Hoying, covered in tattoos and piercings, can always be found at the skateboard park by his house. How does he end up meeting Mitch Grassi, the boy who wears soft...
  • peircings
  • fanfiction
  • soft
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Patches by ObsessedwithTivi
Patchesby #1 Tim Foust FREAK!!
Kirstie never thought about the homeless too much. They were just the ones on the sidewalk that you either walked by and ignored or throw them a little change. But that...
  • avin
  • bromance
  • kavi
He's so cute! - Raken/Kenvi One Shots by _Alexis_225
He's so cute! - Raken/Kenvi One Sh...by Alex
Just some Raken shots to brighten up your day... Or to make you cry... Whatever suits you. A compilation of angst and fluff featuring our precious boys.
  • rakenvi
  • raven
  • kavi
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L·O·V·E (Kavi) by EldestSChild
L·O·V·E (Kavi)by Riley
Ever since Kirstin and Avi's relationship went up in flames, both of them have been dying inside. They were everything together, they were an amazing couple, stronger to...
  • pentatonix
  • avikaplan
  • kevinolusola
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Starting Over by ObsessedwithTivi
Starting Overby #1 Tim Foust FREAK!!
Two couples hoping to start their lives over. Will they be able to shed the drama that always seems to follow? A continuation from "the Ghostly Series"
  • kavi
  • avikaplan
  • kirstie
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The Moon, The Sun, and Everything Else by dwts_ballerina
The Moon, The Sun, and Everything...by Tay ❤
She was like the sun. Bright, always up, lived for a blue sky, and never quit smiling. He was like the moon. Made the dark skies a lot a bit brighter, and was always th...
  • oneshot
  • kirstie
  • wattys2018
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PTX Alpha And Omega by pentatonix_takeover
PTX Alpha And Omegaby pentatonix_takeover
2 Alphas 2 Omegas 1 beta
  • action
  • kevinolusola
  • ptxfanfiction
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Moving Mountains - Scomiche Student/Teacher by PrincessPleb
Moving Mountains - Scomiche Studen...by | pop |
_____________________ Mitch Grassi, a timid, shy student with a dark past. After losing his mom, a number of obstacles occur in his life which hold him back from doing w...
  • hoying
  • kavi
  • student
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Pack rules by Raven5555
Pack rulesby Raven5555
Avi Kaplan is the strong, serious head of the Pentatonix pack. To the world he appears in control but in reality he is extremely insecure. Scott is the motherly second i...
  • superfruit
  • ptxofficial
  • omega
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Begin Again | {Superfruit} by KermitYouGoSecond
Begin Again | {Superfruit}by GayShipsAreYayShips
In which two badly abused omegas are taken in by the council alpha, in need of love and affection. Fights are had and secrets are shared but it will all end happily ever...
  • avikaplan
  • wattys2018
  • superfruit
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PTX TEXTS by PentaPunk
PTX TEXTSby Lemon Queen
Hello and welcome to my stupid stories that I made! This was first made in Tap @PentatonixMemes and with the help of my stupid friend! @PTXMemes2! I know this book is go...
  • scotthoying
  • scavi
  • scevin
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The Heartless and Broken (Kavi/PTX fanfic) by LolXD_56
The Heartless and Broken (Kavi/PTX...by A
Very Explicit. Kirstie, Avi. Two opposites. The bearded , douche, and the hard rock tiny. One heartless, another broken.
  • scotthoying
  • mitchgrassi
  • kirstiemaldonado
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Werewolves of Los Angeles--Pentatonix by Tinywen
Werewolves of Los Angeles--Pentato...by Dar Amor <3
Kevin and Matt are two rouge Betas who had just gotten kicked out of their pack. They accidentally stumble across a different pack's territory, the Los Angeles pack. Now...
  • kirstinmaldonado
  • kevinolusola
  • fanfiction
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Pentacademy by Raven5555
Pentacademyby Raven5555
Five very different pupils have one thing in common. They are lonely. When their Headteacher buddies them up for the year, how will they cope?
  • mitchgrassi
  • mitch
  • kirstie
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Thank You by samevans17
Thank Youby Hannah Cochrane
When no one was there, you were there for me. When nobody cared, you still cared for me. When everyone left you were here with me, and now I hope that you're hearing me...
  • ptx
  • avikaplan
  • pentatonix
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On My Way Home by Raven5555
On My Way Homeby Raven5555
Pentatonix are on their way from LA to Japan for a new album and tour promo, when their plane crashes. Will they be able to hold themselves together and return to societ...
  • kirstie
  • kirstin
  • kavi
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Our Little Secret by samevans17
Our Little Secretby Hannah Cochrane
No, you know he can't know, why would you even ask that? He can't, he just can't, it'd be a disaster. We were supposed to be careful Avi.
  • kavi
  • pentatonix
  • avikaplan
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• Kirstin & Avi-Short Stories • by Uriyah_ptx
• Kirstin & Avi-Short Stories •by Uriyah_ptx
These will probably be bad and updates may be slow, but I thought this would be cute. This book will be filled with one-shots and short stories and ideas that I have t...
  • oneshots
  • superfruit
  • pentatonix
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Ptx Book Idea/Plot Shop by SpicyTaritos
Ptx Book Idea/Plot Shopby ✨dream and create🎨
I have a lot of book ideas relating to the PTX fandom, and many I can't write due to books I'd rather concentrate on. Basically, if anyone wants to write a fanfic but do...
  • whatever
  • bookideas
  • bookplotideas
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Lovin' You Again by dragongirl710
Lovin' You Againby dragongirl710
It's been about a year since Avi left Pentatonix. He hasn't kept much contact with any of them. What will happen when Kirstie runs into an old friend of hers in a groce...
  • mitchgrassi
  • avikaplan
  • ptxfanfiction
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