The One Without Words

The One Without Words

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For seventeen-year-old Romy Mae, selling flowers to strangers off the streets is the perfect job, or at least it is until Jack Michaels begins to work alongside her. 

He doesn't speak, instead communicating with glares and scowls instead of actual words, and with an ex-convict mother and the rest of her family sort of falling apart, the last thing Romy needs to deal with is Jack's incompetence.  

She'll forever praise the day when Jack screws up big time and finally gets himself fired, but until that day comes it's mostly just her, him, and a whole lot of flowers.

[This book is a mess and I have no intentions of editing it ever. Please check out my other much better works instead.]

Yeah... **Smiles sheepishly and rubs the back of my neck** I already like the story. Usually it'd take someone like four chapters to like a story, but I really like this.
The moment where I fall in love with him and everything and ugh
I love that he's mute. This story can seriously go some amazing places.
justtyes justtyes Jul 22
In his case it would be called "elective mutism" for unwillingness to talk but basically the same thing you said☺️
imaphandom imaphandom Nov 04
Literally all other books on wattpad you can see whats going to happen and unrealistic BUT THIS IS GREAT SO FAR
Hour long?! I'm not old enough to have a job, but I do think thats what we need instead of thirty minutes. My sister get 30 minutes for her break, so she has to eat fast.