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" that's eight dollars" I told a the man that just asked for a drink. He handed me the money and I made the drink. 

" thanks baby, when you get off. Maybe we can get together?" I was disgusted.  The only bad thing about being a bartender was the weirdos. 

I ignored him and moved on to my next customer. 

" let me get a sex on the beach hookah, and a vodka shot" I knew exactly who it was without even looking up. 

" girl now you know damn well you ain't 21" I laughed seeing Kim at the bar. She usually came to the bar whenever dancers were all on stage. 

" shit I might as well be working here, dealing with they dirty ass" she gave the closest dancer a dirty look. Kim's job was to keep the locker room clean, keep the dancers looking/smelling good, and occasionally watching some of their kids while they danced. 

The club was slowing down and only Kim and a dancer was sitting at my bar. I started whipping it down and getting it all cleaned up so I can leave on time. 

" ooo girl look wh...