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oppositeshapes By oppositeshapes Updated Feb 28, 2015

Elise Mitchell is an Internet person. She used to watch from the outside, but two years ago she began a YouTube channel with a modest number of subscribers under the alias javastorm, a part of her life she has hidden from her friends and family so far. 

After a video of hers gradually goes viral, everything changes. She's recommended for a job she would have never believed could be hers. This, in turn, leads to meeting a couple of her role models, two suspiciously attractive vloggers called Dan and Phil.

As her relationship with one in particular blossoms, life's other disasters strike as there is turmoil with her flatmate and a potentially catastrophic double meaning of 'viral' is unveiled, but will she break under the pressure?


The story begins in late 2014 and continues until New Year's Eve. It won the second place prize for best danfic in the 2015 Phan awards, and I received second place for best danisnotonfire author.

{thank you very much to @virtuesintheverse for the gorgeous cover and also to @NotTheOrdinaryType for her incredible fanart and other edits}

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mabelpinnes- mabelpinnes- Aug 23, 2017
Molly,aren't you suppose to help Harry into something,idk,magical?
mabelpinnes- mabelpinnes- Aug 23, 2017
I once did that in my mom's office and went so close to the door and BAM she opened it and I felt on the other side with the chair after me,apparently she opened the goddamn door
kmo1012 kmo1012 Nov 25, 2017
Seize the means of production...
                              No one?
                              Okay I'll leave now
woah. this is literally my youtube channel summarize in one single paragraph...
                              (that is if you replace the doritos bag with a Salt & Vinegar one...)
chifila chifila Mar 19
dude i‘m up until 7am usually lol, sometimes until 9am or all day (,:
sweet-barnes sweet-barnes Sep 25, 2017
this is weird- my closest friends' name is molly, and while she's the social one with lots of friends and an actual life, i'm always the one who browses the internet 24/7. and she doesn't know a thing about my internet life.