Talk About the Direct Approach...

Talk About the Direct Approach...

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Heart, TellTaleHeart By TellTaleHeart Updated May 24

Picture this: One day, you're sitting on your porch when you spot a gorgeous guy stepping out of a car.     

You're in your pajamas with noodles hanging out of your mouth when he sees you.      

The next thing you know, the sexy stranger is kidnapping you. Fun? Not exactly.     

What if you later found out you were destined to be his mate, which is his reason for kidnapping you?      

Talk about the direct approach...

Date: 22 september
                              Time: 8:44am
                              Location: in my bed
                              Status: 3rd time reader book wasnt finished the other times
                              Thoughts: im supposed to go to sleep cause i got school tomorrow but im reading this instead lmao
milyBrown milyBrown Oct 17
In reality i don't think bed hair is breathtaking, i mean it! Each time i wake up, i looks like Vegeta!
Geez y make there names so similar 😑😂 I'm already havin trouble
Date: September 11th
                              Time: 1:11 am
                              Location: my bed/minnesota
                              Status: like 100th time reader 
                              Thoughts: this whole type of comment thing that this is feels like a CIA case and I want cinnamon coffee.
caro6345 caro6345 Nov 08
Date: Americans Death (2016 election - 11/08/2016)
                              Time : 3:46 pm
                              Location : toilet 
                              Status: first time reading
                              Thoughts: hoping it is good. Recently momma shifters' books, and hoping this has the same humor. Looks like it does!!
shaikhaala shaikhaala Oct 01
Date: October 1st
                              Time: 12:22 PM
                              Location: Dublin Bathroom
                              Status: SINGLE jk FTR