CANCER (Yandere!Husband X Reader)

CANCER (Yandere!Husband X Reader)

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(Y/n) is the wife of the Ainsley's son, Leo Ainsley. They were once a perfect couple. Once. Many people find them quite a charm, but behind those charm is a cruel reality of their relationship. 

(Y/n) was abused, mistreated and was kept hidden behind the mansion walls. Her husband's eyes and attention was all on her. He doesn't want her gone, he kept her like a diamond. He would do anything for her to be with him, and only him.

That all began when they got married. Leo's mother didn't want them to be together. (Y/n)'s parents was rather acting odd whenever the Ainsley's are present. That was a warning. Yet, the bride never saw it. 4 years later, she found out the real colours of her abusive husband.

"Leo, i have enough of you. I want a divorce!"

"You can't leave me! I-"




"I have cancer."

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