The Kingpin's sister

The Kingpin's sister

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Rai💅🏽 By Baabiiee_doll Updated Jun 16

Whenever you hear the name Kimani Sumner in the streets of the.Bronx, her older brother, KJ's, name is spoken shortly after.

Ever since she was a child she was put on to a pedestal by her father and brother and anyone who crosses her always regretted it. 

Her fathers status and her brothers short temper has made her a social outcast as a kid. 

Girls wanted to use her to get closer to KJ

Guys were too afraid to talk to her 

After an unfortunate event that happened when she was 16 that caused her to move in with her Aunt, Toya in Delaware. 4 years later she's back in the Bronx and everyone is shocked by the girl she has became and she's even more shocked to find out about her brothers newly found status. 

Her brother followed in her father's footsteps and Kimani is repulsed by this news but she shortly realizes that she's not too different from her brother and father and battles with the idea of giving in to this life or branching off and becoming her own person.

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