City of Bridges

City of Bridges

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Stace Dumoski By cartazon Updated Nov 01, 2019

In the city of Corregal, sword fighting is a way of life - unless you're a girl. While young men compete for prestigious positions within the ruling Houses, young women have to rely on others to protect them from the dangers lurking in the streets. 

Neda decides to break tradition and learn to fight, but her secret lessons soon lead her into trouble. Late night visits to the shady part of town. Picking fights in rowdy taverns. Even a challenge in an illegal fighting ring. When she's asked to join an underground society of women sword fighters, she jumps at the chance. But her new friends have more than swordsmanship on their minds, and Neda suddenly finds herself caught up in a political conspiracy that threatens to crack the city in two. 

Her father's students will do their best to help her stay out of trouble, but Barris, Tierce, and Romeric have problems of their own. Amidst a tangle of family rivalries, hidden identities, and romantic entanglements - not to mention the occasional demon bent on wanton destruction - it's hard enough to keep themselves out of trouble. 

Before long, they'll all be fighting for their lives in the infamous City of Bridges.

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