Not So Innocent (Naruto Uzumaki Love story)

Not So Innocent (Naruto Uzumaki Love story)

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Aya~chan By Ayame_Yu_Uchiha Completed


Let me introduce myself. At a young age my parents died and I was left all alone. That is... until a few years ago when Tsunade and Jiraiya found me. I've been with them ever since. But with Orochimaru and the akatsuki after me I was left in the Leaf Village where Grandpa Hokage and my other new found family cares for me. There I meet wild people and have fun adventure with my big brothers team, Team 7. Maybe I'll find love. Who knows. 

I am Shiori Tachibana and this is my story.

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irvine328 irvine328 Jul 28
Tsk. Why is Sakura flinching? She didn't even do anything, weakling.
ukiyoia ukiyoia Mar 16
Hello there! What's your name? Oh, Mary Sue? Well nice too meet you Mary Sue! What are your weaknesses?  OH that's right you don't have because your overpowered af.
irvine328 irvine328 Jul 28
Yes, interrupt her reading to do some pointless flirting, because girls LOVE that.
Sasooki if you kill mah nigga itachi one more time ima desecrate u
*silently praying that she's not in the Fairy tail dimension*
Every Witch Way much? Those girls wear like 500 bracelets on each hand