Just Kiss Me [Kuroko no Basket FanFic Short-Story, KagaKuro]

Just Kiss Me [Kuroko no Basket FanFic Short-Story, KagaKuro]

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[Birthday fic for LateAtNightWriter] Kagami has been having a problem with keeping his hands to himself lately when around a certain bluenette... And almost everyone is getting sick of the tension. Namely two girls who have been paying close attention to the shadow and light of Seirin High School. Will Kagami's overwhelming drive to kiss and confess to his partner prevail? Or will interruptions get in the way and two yaoi-loving girls have to intervene on the basketball loving duo? Read to find out!

And of course, how long will Kuroko's patience last?

[WARNINGS] Yaoi (boyxboy, don't like, don't read), Cursing, OC, and the perverted dream or two...

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LateAtNightWriter LateAtNightWriter Jul 14, 2014
I am so looking forward to this (seeing as I can read it now)! Thank you so much, Destiny! It means so much to me! :D