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Two Different Worlds (Various x reader) by Cv_lee
Two Different Worlds (Various x Akaashi Yeril
L/n Y/n once was from Teiko middle school, but a something happened which made her go to miyagi and finish her studies there. and in which, she meets multiple people and...
KnB Badboys Scenarios/Headcanons by Sabreeyna
KnB Badboys Scenarios/Headcanonsby Sabreeyna
Just a little collection of scenarios/imagines/headcanons with the Kuroko no Basket Badboys. I'm especially fond of Haizaki, Seto, Aomine and Hanamiya. But I'll also wr...
Another Manager (Akashi Seijuro x OC) by LoveAi2
Another Manager (Akashi Seijuro LoveAi2
Haikyuu x Kuroko no Basket A second-year manager for the Karasuno Volleyball Team and the same age as the Generation of Miracles. Original character, Akatsuki Ai 暁血 愛...
The Real Tetsuya by Kenma_98
The Real Tetsuyaby Ash
After we won the winter cup I thought everything woulb be back to normal but then "coach can you kick kuroko out of the team? we don't need him beside one of the o...
Yandere Akashi Seijuro x reader *LEMON*  by seiiii-channnn
Yandere Akashi Seijuro x reader * Ackerman
A one-shot (or more) since I'm bored and felt like writing a lemon 😏 ((shh don't judge))
Betrayed by lanee_loves_you247
Betrayedby >
Kuroko Tetsuya. The Phantom Sixth Man of the Generation of Miracles. The Pillar of Support of Seirin High School. Betrayed by both teams left Kuroko Tetsuya broken and i...
Aka Red | Haikyuu x OC x KnB by Ch3escak3Gee
Aka Red | Haikyuu x OC x KnBby Person
Warning: I don't own Haikyuu nor Kuroko's Basketball nor the other characters I may use, just the OC's The story is more leaned towards Haikyuu
Haikyuu X Kuroko no Basket x Oc by MafuyusHeartBreak
Haikyuu X Kuroko no Basket x Ocby Somehow i’m here...
Kai Yamamura. A first year moving from Tokyo to Miyagi. Back in Tokyo, she was a student coach for the Teiko middle school basketball team; the few known as the generati...
Just Swim !  by kpop_army_unme
Just Swim ! by Khairiah_
What happens if Akashi Seijuro has a sister that swims ? Free Iwatobi X Kuroko no Basket X Haikyuu • Cover made by @raysincracker (Twitter) Start date : 02.05.2020 End d...
Reincarnated in KnB as Momoi Satsuki?! [discontinued]  by R_edge_ina
Reincarnated in KnB as Momoi regina 💛
[DISCONTINUED] _ Note: This Momoi will look and act differently from the original one. _ I died. Those two words pretty much describe what the hell happened to me. Then...
Too Much (Aomine x Reader x Kagami)  by klay-chan
Too Much (Aomine x Reader x klaysamadesu
You liked Aomine Daiki But he doesn't like you back He didn't like anyone else Except for boobs But Kagami likes you and Aomine Daiki doesn't care or does he?
Brothers by enigmatic_erratum
Brothersby enigmatic_erratum
Seijuro Akashi has had fits of anger towards people and things, especially to those who disobey his command. He was absolute as well as his orders and no one has the rig...
Akakuro Short Stories by angelfromthesky1
Akakuro Short Storiesby angelfromthesky1
This is just short Akakuro stories because I have a lot of Akakuro ideas. Enjoy!
Change (Akakuro) by angelfromthesky1
Change (Akakuro)by angelfromthesky1
🙏This story isn't for Akafuri peeps. Sorry! 🙏 Kuroko had been in a coma for 10 years now. Now that he has woken up he notice the change while he had been asleep for a...
Phantom Prince (KNB Fanfic)(Akakuro) by tusk_14
Phantom Prince (KNB Fanfic)( 𝕯𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖒
((SLOW ASS UPDATES CAUSE LAZY GOD DAM AUTHER CAN'T DO SHIT!!)) Kuroko Testuya, over heard Akashi talking to a girl. When he listens closer, he could heard Akashi proposi...
Kuroko betrayed by hurt_but-acts_okay
Kuroko betrayedby Hurt but acts okay
Kuroko was the "6th player of GoM" and "the shadow of siren." It was after the winter cup when they had won and everyone turned back to normal. Kurok...
Home by enigmatic_erratum
Homeby enigmatic_erratum
Seijuro Akashi had a fit of hidden anger towards his father that didn't show up until his death, until a lawyer showed up to his doorsteps, announcing that he was now in...
[Fanfic] I want you to know [Aomine x OC] by Maliksaa
[Fanfic] I want you to know [ Maliksa
[Completed] Arisa Masamune is a new transfer student at Kaijō Highschool. On her first day, she was forced by Kise Ryouta to become Kaijō basketball team manager. She...
I Found My Emperor by BlueKasai
I Found My Emperorby BlueKasai
Simple, Empress found Empror. Emperor found Empress. No Copyright infringement intended! I don't own KnB and I don't own you ( ̄▽ ̄). Love KnB, Love Akashi, Love urself...
Reunited Brothers ( Kuroko no Basuke and Assasination Classroom Fanfic )  by dolorjoy
Reunited Brothers ( Kuroko no dolorjoy
Kuroko and Nagisa are separated brothers. Due to the separation of their parents. Kuroko had to come along with their Father, while Nagisa needed to come along with thei...