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The Other Self | Akakuroaka ✔ by gay-ikemen
The Other Self | Akakuroaka ✔by ryuu [CLOSED]
Completed ✔ Akashi × Kuroko × Akashi After nearly getting molested on the cold night streets, Kuroko Tetsuya found himself being saved by a mysterious person whom he had...
Selection (AkaKuro) by LostAngeldep
Selection (AkaKuro)by Lostangeldep
Demon King Akashi Seijuro, he lives in the underworld, and he is looking for a queen, but first there must be concubines. Kuroko Tetsuya, a male that looks like a femal...
New Beginning by happy_skittle
New Beginningby Happy_skittle
New school year, new beginning. Kuroko Tetsuya just entered Rakuzan Academy as a first year student.
The Curious Case of Kuroko by BerryLemonSoda
The Curious Case of Kurokoby BerryLemonSoda
He left without a word. Without a trace. Where is Kuroko? Kuroko Tetsuya left the generation of miracles unexpectedly and disappeared under unexplained circumstances. Ho...
Kuroko Betrayed (Knb x Durarara) by reisimunakata2
Kuroko Betrayed (Knb x Durarara)by reisi munakata
After the winter cup Seirin betrayed Kuroko Tetsuya. If you want to know what going to happen. read it (Akakuro)
Not Just A Shadow by BlackSolanum
Not Just A Shadowby Tori Schall
After being betrayed by Seirin, Kuroko Tetsuya joining up with the Generation of Miracle, prepared to become stronger and prove to them. Just how wrong they were. What...
The runaway miracle by Akira_110
The runaway miracleby Akira_xxx
There was another miracle .The seventh miracle the one who shine the most out of all the miracle . what if that miracle had enough runaway into hiding with the phantom...
Same place. Same time. Different people by celiannacada
Same place. Same time. Different p...by CADA
This piece of beautiful art is not mine!!! Akashi×Kuroko Omegaverse Teens and over audiences Akashi and Kuroko had a rocky relationship They meet again As different peo...
Betrayed  by animedweeb537
Betrayed by Geeze
After seirin won the winter cup everyone (not the GoM) thought it was the best idea to kick out kuroko since he was "weak". Kuroko and the rest of the GoM deci...
A Star Just for Me (Another Story) by YukiGane
A Star Just for Me (Another Story)by YukiGane
Kuroko's depression started around three years ago when he first learned that Akashi is cheating on him with Furihata, a friend back in high school. His depression wors...
An Absolute Master's Pet [AkaKuro] by TetsuAkashi
An Absolute Master's Pet [AkaKuro]by Tetsuya Akashi
"I bought you, Tetsuya. You're mine~" "I'll never be yours, Akashi." "We shall see....for I am absolute." Kuroko Tetsuya, a 16 year old boy...
The Fire User and The Shadow Sword (Akakuro) by angelfromthesky1
The Fire User and The Shadow Sword...by angelfromthesky1
"I decided were going to the Kuro clan to take the shadow sword.."
He must not know by smilesalltheway4ever
He must not knowby smilesalltheway4ever
When Kuroko Tetsuna suddenly finds herself pregnant with Akashi's child will she burden him of the news or hide away. The real story behind her disappearance after the N...
Stay (KnB Fanfic) by Sofea6060
Stay (KnB Fanfic)by Sofea-chan♡
They left him. He was abandoned. Years later they came back seeking for forgiveness. Will Kuroko forgive them and why? GOMXKUROKO.YAOI
Mend my Broken Heart by YukiGane
Mend my Broken Heartby YukiGane
A broken hearted Kuroko meets a desperate Akashi. "You're the first person that I ever felt so much love for. It's overflowing that I want to gouge my heart out and...
Let's Play Basketball, Someday!  by scurvybluvy
Let's Play Basketball, Someday! by Flying Storms
Kuroko stopped play basketball and leaving Seirin, for a reason. When the generation of miracles and Seirin found out what's the reason cause of Kuroko quit the basketba...
Kuroko Turns into a Girl?! (KNB Fanfic) by Sofea6060
Kuroko Turns into a Girl?! (KNB Fa...by Sofea-chan♡
One day Kuroko wakes up to find himself as a girl! How will the GoM who has had a crush on Kuroko react? Will Kuroko ever turn back to normal?
Red Blood Charmer | Killer!Akashi x Kuroko | discontinued by rivnpii
Red Blood Charmer | Killer!Akashi...by micah
WARNING!: Mention of blood and slight? Horror, Swearing and Character death Known as the 'Red Blood Charmer', Akashi Seijuro is a well-known and a dangerous serial kille...
Cold War (Akakuro Fanfic) by shadowfiction026
Cold War (Akakuro Fanfic)by EiLeoN🌹WX
A teal head male named Kuroko Tetsuya was asked by his aunt to take care of her apartment while she was on vacation in Dubai. When Kuroko reached the place,he met a red...
Lies (Akakuro) by IcyFlamez
Lies (Akakuro)by Iceflamez >:) ((Hiatus))
Akashi Seijuro had made a mistake which results in him losing the one he treasured the most. 6 years later, they meet again. Will they be able to go back to how it was b...