The Promise by angelfromthesky1
The Promiseby angelfromthesky1
Kagami made a promise to Kuroko after he passed away. He will defeat the Kiseki no Seidai.
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Reflection  by angelfromthesky1
Reflection by angelfromthesky1
When Kuroko was born he was force to dress as a girl because his mother was always mourning for his dead sister. That's why his father force him to become his dead siste...
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(fic dịch) [Akakuro, Midotakao,...] A demon'seal by hanumin
(fic dịch) [Akakuro, Midotakao...by Hanumin
Tác giả: KurokoTetsuya101 Link gốc:https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10571579/1/A-Demon-s-Seal Fic dịch chưa có sự cho phép của tác giả, nên cảm phiền đừng mang đi đâu. F...
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Stockholm Syndrome [Akakuro] by ryuu--
Stockholm Syndrome [Akakuro]by 竜
Stockholm Syndrome (n) feelings of trust or affection felt in certain cases of kidnapping or hostage-taking by a victim towards a captor [All the characters are not mine...
  • knb
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The Other Self [Akakuro] ✔ by ryuu--
The Other Self [Akakuro] ✔by 竜
Completed ✔ Akashi × Kuroko × Akashi Saviors are charming no? - [contains blood and violent words] I don't own the characters, all credits goes to Fujimaki-sensei!
  • akashiseijuro
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Again ▪️ AkaKuro Fanfiction by invisibleseventeenth
Again ▪️ AkaKuro Fanfictionby [miyu] ♔️
When Akashi Seijuro returned to his old self, the Generation of Miracles were happy, but Kuroko Tetsuya is the happiest of them all. But now that Akashi realized his mis...
  • love
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The Curious Case of Kuroko by BerryLemonSoda
The Curious Case of Kurokoby BerryLemonSoda
He left without a word. Without a trace. Where is Kuroko? Kuroko Tetsuya left the generation of miracles unexpectedly and disappeared under unexplained circumstances. Ho...
  • romance
  • wattpride
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No Longer The Same Phantom by MaiDemonLord
No Longer The Same Phantomby Alice XxX
This is my first ever Fanfiction that I'm posting. This story will be about Akashi and The GOM trying to take back their loving Phantom. To bad the Phantom is surrounded...
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KeepingSecrets by AdmireAnime
KeepingSecretsby Kuroko-chi~
Shiota has a brother named Tetsuya he never told anyone about, not even Karma, Karma could tell Nagisa was keeping a secret from him. Kuroko was keeping a secret from t...
  • kurokonobasket
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[Knb]Tập làm con gái trong 10 năm tới by Takitori_Niazoko
[Knb]Tập làm con gái trong 10 năm...by Takitori_Niazoko
Khi Kuroko tập làm con gái~
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Selection (AkaKuro) by LostAngeldep
Selection (AkaKuro)by LostAngeldep
Demon King Akashi Seijuro, he lives in the underworld, and he is looking for a queen, but first there must be concubines. Kuroko Tetsuya, a male that looks like a femal...
  • knb
  • mpreg
  • romance
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(AA026) The Akakuro Family by AngelAnime026
(AA026) The Akakuro Familyby AngelAnimeDiary
*omegaverse* warning: mpreg this is a story of kuroko and Akashi and their family
  • akashi
  • lgbt
  • mpreg
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A Dawn (A Story Of Akakuro) by LeviHeichou04
A Dawn (A Story Of Akakuro)by CHMCHM95
This is a story of how Akashi Seijurou and Kuroko Tetsuya's love story began. Hello minna! Please vote and read my fanfic. Don't forget to follow me too . Thanks a lot m...
  • sweet
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EMPIRE by loveariaaaa
EMPIREby Aria Lovehart
Tetsumi is the fairest of them all; and since she is the fairest among the Empire, there are Emperors who wouldn't think twice to kill just to have her and that includes...
  • fanfiction
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Xin Em, Tha Thứ Cho Anh [ Akakuro ] by Monnhi123
Xin Em, Tha Thứ Cho Anh [ Akakuro ]by Ly Mon Nhi
Có một số cảnh 19+, ai dưới 19 plz click back :vvv
  • akakuro
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  • yaoi
Kuroko No Basket Fanfiction  by chichi11082004
Kuroko No Basket Fanfiction by ShinigamiWriter
Kuroko Tetsuya, a beautiful yet short and petite boy with many talents went to Rakuzan High School with his best (childhood) friend, Ogiwara Shigehiro. At high school he...
  • ogikuro
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A Star Just for Me (Another Story) by YukiGane
A Star Just for Me (Another Story)by YukiGane
Kuroko's depression started around three years ago when he first learned that Akashi is cheating on him with Furihata, a friend back in high school. His depression wors...
  • akafuri
  • midorimashintaro
  • kurokotetsuya
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Vampires Bride by Maxitron
Vampires Brideby Maxitron
Kuroko has spent his life on the run, hiding from people who mean him harm. However overnight the supernatural becomes a norm in his life and he cant control his heart...
  • romance
  • yaoi
  • vampire
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Random! Kuroko no Basket stories by 0-M-Ara
Random! Kuroko no Basket storiesby A dead account
Just a random story dump. May be fluff, may be angst, may be smut. It really is random.
  • akakuro
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Fated Love (AkaKuro)[ONGOING][ON HOLD] by LostAngeldep
Fated Love (AkaKuro)[ONGOING][ON H...by LostAngeldep
[STILL IS UNDER EDITING] Kuroko Tetsuya, prince of dragons and shadows, he has the kindest heart, unlike Akashi Seijoru. Akashi Seijioru, prince of gods, he is cold hear...
  • yaoi
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