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Our Little Stars by KitsuneNoKage
Our Little Starsby Cecilia Kitsune
Kuroko has been sick for a few weeks now, Kagami is worried and they soon get their answer as to why the shadow has been ill.
Kuroko no basket: A friend in need by TheUnexpectedStory
Kuroko no basket: A friend in needby Vanya
Kuroko doesn't feel confident in a certain part of his basketball skills and he tries practicing but gets sick from the rain. Kagami takes care of him and finds out a bi...
Kokoro No Connect [Kagakuro] AU by TynyByns
Kokoro No Connect [Kagakuro] AUby Tyny :D
Kuroko Tetsuya has a painful past. Even if he keeps running away it will chase him. Will he be able to surpass it? Kagami Taiga can't forget the past. He can't forgive h...
Overnight- Lemon by Kouhai_is_Bored
Overnight- Lemonby ⓟⓘⓔⓓ ⓟⓘⓟⓔⓡ
ok, new here, hello. This is my bad attempt at lemon never written one before so hope you like it. Summary Kuroko gets a fever and Kagami has to take him to his house bu...
Whispers in the dark (KagaKuro fanfic) by salty_watermelon
Whispers in the dark (KagaKuro fan...by Salty Watermelon
Kagami and Kuroko are enjoying the last night of their training camp together in Kagmi's room. Both of them are so tired because Riko has pushed them so far during the c...
KnB Fanfic: How To Break Up with your Reverse Harem [GOM x Kuroko] by DannicaAndreiEstigoy
KnB Fanfic: How To Break Up with y...by Hikaru-chan 4/15
With a little bit of KagaKuro but anyways I'll start the preview: Kuroko Tetsuya somehow entered into the novel that he currently liked, "Romance in the Basketball...
k u r o k o   r a n d o m  by SpringofMnemosyne
k u r o k o r a n d o m by Melpomene
oneshots of Kuroko x Everyone
The beloved Phantom  by Ray2785
The beloved Phantom by Anonymous
This is a story about Kuroko and both of his teams, ofc Serin and the GOM don't really like each other but they only tolerate each other due to one person. Tetsuya. So S...
The Miracle Island by ChidoriYuu
The Miracle Islandby ChidoriYuu
A great danger is coming to the world and the Generation of Miracles are the Chosen ones who are destined to save it. They are sent to an island where each one develops...
Together Once Again (Kuroko no Basket Boy x Boy Fanfiction) [Completed] by MoonlikeMirror
Together Once Again (Kuroko no Bas...by Jandy De Jesus
Tetsuya Kuroko has always been the type to be abused and be treated harshly by other people because of his feminine looks. When he finally had enough of all the harsh tr...
Just Kiss Me [Kuroko no Basket FanFic Short-Story, KagaKuro] by MoxiePoxy
Just Kiss Me [Kuroko no Basket Fan...by Moxie
[Birthday fic for LateAtNightWriter] Kagami has been having a problem with keeping his hands to himself lately when around a certain bluenette... And almost everyone is...
One-shots : Haikyuu!! [TERMINÉE] by Queen-of-Gryffindor
One-shots : Haikyuu!! [TERMINÉE]by The Gryffindor Queen
Some English versions are here too! Just scroll through the summary and you will find them. Un recueil d'os sur trois animes que j'apprécie beaucoup. Je vous préviens q...
一つの大きな家族 (Hitotsu no ōkina kazoku) -- One Big Family by jeondork
一つの大きな家族 (Hitotsu no ōkina kazoku)...by NARU
The very first KuroBasu story I made in here. Nothing special, just imagining how perfect KagaKuro and AoKise together with an AU version. Hope everyone likes it and mig...
Kuroko no Basket Collection by Kantarera_QwQ
Kuroko no Basket Collectionby Ki-chan
A small collection of random ideas with various pairings from Kuroko no Basket. Featuring Kagakuro, Aokise, Midotaka, Akafuri, Murahimu, etc. **WARNING: Contains boyxboy...
Falling Petal (Akakuro Fanfiction) | discontinued by rivnpii
Falling Petal (Akakuro Fanfiction)...by micah
WARNING! One-sided ships includes: Akafuri and Kagakuro. If you don't like either of these ships don't read! If you still read anyways, enjoy. (Akakuro will still be the...
You keep me alive (KagaKuro Fanfic) by salty_watermelon
You keep me alive (KagaKuro Fanfic)by Salty Watermelon
Kuroko - an employee at cafe Timeless - is really interested in books. He has this habit of leaving a tiny message between every book he has read. This stupid habit help...
A Lost Hoilday Trip  by romance_lover_RKTK
A Lost Hoilday Trip by Katelyn
This is a Aomomo (Aomine X Momoi) story so if you don't like it please leave. I don't own any of the photos Tōō Academy was going on a trip with Seirin. It was to pract...
Instagram Kuroko no Basket by NekoFujoshi666
Instagram Kuroko no Basketby MoeNanami
Holii! Moe de vuelta xD Book 2 de "Whatsapp Kuroko no Basket" :3 Pero ahora.... Con suculentas fotos! :D ;) ------------------------ ATENCION: Este fic contien...
Miracles and Pages by Red_ZeveRin
Miracles and Pagesby ☽♪~Fictionful~ ♪☾
[Kuroko no Basuke X Slenderman] Kuroko, Kagami, Aomine and Kise are out to the countryside for a short vacation. But their vacation didn't turn out so well when they rec...