Peter's Little Peter

Peter's Little Peter

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Michael Estrin By mestrin Completed

🍌🍌🍌Think Netflix's SEX EDUCATION, but without the accents, and instead of pictures and sound, I put the words on the screen, and you paint the pictures with your mind.🥒🥒🥒

Some guys are showers. Some guys are growers. Then there's Peter. He's got a big secret about a little problem (in his pants). But one day, that secret gets out, and Peter's life is ruined. The guys at his high school mock Peter without mercy. The girls giggle at the idea of dating Peter. 

But the situation isn't entirely without hope. Peter's best friend Elroy is a wannabe teenage business prodigy who sees Peter's predicament as an opportunity to develop a product that will help him "tap into the bajillion dollar market for addressing male insecurity." Meanwhile, a mysterious art student named Audrey seems to like-like Peter, despite his, ahem, little problem. Which is weird, because the rumor around school is that Audrey is a size queen. Why else would she be collecting so many dick pics?

Peter's Little Peter is a story about the truth behind the myths of male sexuality, the awkwardness of teenage romance, surviving high school, and the bumpy road to self-acceptance.