The Bad Boy Borrowed My Tampon (undergoing serious editing)

The Bad Boy Borrowed My Tampon (undergoing serious editing)

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" What the hell dude. Why do you have a tampon shoved up your fricking nose. Are you mental or something . That was my last one now what am I going to use for the rest of the day , " I said between tears of laughter . He looked so stupid. He had my tampon in his nose . Oh god. I grabbed my bag , took out my phone and took a picture before he even realized . Oh gosh this was too funny.

Perrie and Nathan have never really gotten on! In fact the only reason they knew each other was because of Perrie's twin brother. Nathan is of course your average player and Perrie finds him and his games revolting! But when a whole load of shit uncovers and you realise you're not in an average 17 almost 18 year old shoes anymore will the two finally come together as one ? 

( Not as cliche as it sounds PROMISE )

That doesn't happen when we play, it's always who got hit first
Roses are red
                              Cacti are prickly
                              Dang that escalated quickly XD
Mami_H Mami_H Aug 30
Blood is red.
                              My soul is black.
                              This bitch better die.
                              And die quick.
Again what type of game are you playing? In dodgeball you are supposed to catch it
GoGoGlennCoCo GoGoGlennCoCo Sep 25, 2016
Ughhhhh.           Why would u do that.      I know the school food is crap but I would still take it
Collecter45 Collecter45 Nov 13, 2016
Wtf he came up to her hun and if you want me to bïtch slap you pay for her Landry and apologize