Something in the dark!(Larry Stylinson)✔️

Something in the dark!(Larry Stylinson)✔️

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Harry Styles are 1/4 in one direction. He drinks, he hates everything and everyone. He hates his life the most. He don't wanna stay but he knows that he has to because he can't leave the guys. They worked so hard to get to where they are right now.

Louis Tomlinson is something you can call a Fanboy. He loves One Direction. But honestly does he have a crush on the bad boy in the band... Harry Styles. Of course did he miss the time when everyone told him how wonderful Harry was. Now everything he hears is shit.

Harry are on tour when he meets the blue eyed boy that changed his life... But he don't know if it is to the better. 

Louis goes to his work everyday. He works in a little shop down town.

What happens if Liam Payne and Niall Horan one day walk in to the shop. What if they ask him to come to their concert because they see what he can do to their Harry. Can Louis save Harry? Or is it already to late?

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dagger_met_the_rose dagger_met_the_rose Jul 16, 2017
i would say "same" but i would never dare take harry away from louis so ...
SSDxConspiracy SSDxConspiracy Jul 11, 2017
I say sad face all the time and my friends get mad at me 😭
Heyy loubear, I’ll give you a little secret. You are a one direction member in reality😂💕
harrywithab harrywithab Sep 21, 2017
Louis imma tell you something i got harry tickets that went sold out in six minutes !!!!!! And i am one of the slowest person ever so yall got hope
I’m a Louis and a harry girl so I’m just sitting here like lou that’s what you do to me😂😂😂😂
loustyl loustyl Aug 28, 2014
no don't delete it is a really good story and there just aren't enough famous!harry and ordinary!louis fics out there :)