Blindsided (boyxboy) *on hiatus

Blindsided (boyxboy) *on hiatus

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Formally a moose. By thesef_ckingfeels Updated Oct 14, 2012

Bisexual, Finn McCormick finally gets to leave the hospital after a car accident a few weeks before. His fancy blue hair is fading and his roots are horrendous, but he wouldn't know that, would he? Because Finny has recently been proclaimed legally blind.

Patrick hates queers. But he tries to change that when his beloved brother, Caleb, comes out as gay to his family. One of Caleb's best friends, Finn, confuses him to no end. With scarred eyes and a gimp hand, you'd think little Finny would be helpless and vulnerable; NOT strong willed and independent. Intrigued by the blue haired boy, Pat tries even harder to drop his hatred of gays. But will he be able? Old habits die hard.

(lol not my best summary. i'll try to fix later perhaps)

Oh gowd I did not just say that okai....O~O pvt is the shiz though
Jimin4eva Jimin4eva Mar 29
Made me think of a book I read in fifth grade called the trouble with tuck
Reimca Reimca Jul 20
Caleb: Virginity? *looks through dictionary* oh yeah that's long gone
Liz_XP Liz_XP Oct 25
You sexii af but NO HOMO THO!!!!
                              Oh patty you're too cute, you're an ass but still cute lmao
Liz_XP Liz_XP Oct 25
                              "Feels like you're wearing nothing at all,nothing at all,NOTHING AT ALL."
                              sorry idk why that just came up randomly lmfao
VeryInterested VeryInterested Dec 07, 2015
I'm half blind
                              In the right of my right eye, and I have bad vision in my left. Not terrible but enough to need glasses