Forever Mine

Forever Mine

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I punch the wall next to her head and watch as she flinches with a whimper.

"Where is Andria?" I growl.

"Please. Please, just let me go. I don't know who you're talking about. My name is Lucy!" She cries.

"Fine. Play your little game then."

Her eyes go wide at the realization that my patience as ran thin. I know she's keeping what I want from me. Why the hell won't she just give it to me? I grip tighter on her hair and wrap my free hand around her small neck. My beefy palm swallows it whole. Her eyes continue to widen as her lungs spasm in her chest. Slowly, my hand tightens.The feeling of control paints an excited grin on my face. Her life is in my hands. Right at this moment, I am God. Her hands claw at my hand. I squeeze harder. A shudder of pleasure caresses my spine. She fights harder.

"Please..." Her voice sounds squished.

Her voice is ruins the high that comes with the kill. No longer entertained by her, I squeeze harder until I hear a satisfying snap. Her head rolls around and her eyes gaze emptily at me.

I lean closer to her ear. "Whoops."

I fling her over my shoulder.

"Soon. Soon you'll have what you want Matthew. Soon she'll have to hand it over because it is mine. It's about time we end this game of cat and mouse, Andria."

***A friendly disclaimer: this is not a werewolf story.***

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RosemaryBlue RosemaryBlue Sep 03, 2012
@DelaneyReden but...? Lol And sorry about that. I had to take a bit of break because of hw and preparing for college. But since you commented I'll try to throw in a new chapter in my schedule (: thanks for enjoying!
DelaneyReden DelaneyReden Sep 03, 2012
dawwwww this book is really good but you have not uploading so I can't go on it pains me but...