Brain Dead; A Zodiac Story

Brain Dead; A Zodiac Story

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Mari :) By _m-mariii_ Updated Dec 26, 2019

"Brainssssss~" She playfully bit my shoulder and I freaked, screaming at the top of my lungs while swatting my hand at her face.

 "Don't SCARE ME LIKE THAT YOU ASSWIPE!!" I screamed at her, before curling up into a ball and rocking back and forth.

Sag shuffled away from me and pouted, rubbing her nose as she silently apologized. I felt guilty for hitting her in the face, but I couldn't help it! I was freaking out about this, there was NO time to play games..

"Did you guys hear that..?" Taurus suddenly spoke through the darkness and I could see his soft blue eyes widening in concern.

"Haha, very funny Taur. I didn't think you'd stoop down to Sag's level." I spat back in a huff.

I could see his mouth open, as if he was about to respond, but he zipped it shut as a loud clang was suddenly heard from right outside the door.


A strange illness has been spreading across the city and country as a whole. Scientists haven't been able to determine what the disease actually is, but they're confident that it's contagious. 

They've been calling it the 'Blank' Virus, since side-effects have included people losing their minds and going mad; attacking people without hesitation and even killing them. Doctors and scientists have also reported that patients have seemed to be in a zombie-like daze, their brains completely dead but their bodies still moving.

The virus only seems to be spread by bite or by any scratch or wound of any kind; since the bacteria can easily get into the immune system. With the virus spreading through the air, there's not really a great chance of anyone surviving,

Unless someone finds a cure.